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    Joe Rumsey

    A computerized system is only a "fast pencil". I have found that good data in Realvolve will make you money by organizing it and automatically reminding of things that need to be done daily. I am a long way from making it like another "appendage" but, each day I get closer as I build out the structure and learning its nuances. Working daily with any a computer program will build familiarity and increased production. I can feel its increasing value almost daily.

    For my entire Real Estate career personal or sphere of influence referrals has been the very best way to do business and a great CRM is the foundation. Others CRMs were good at birthdays and newsletters but, Realvolve adds additional layers along with work plans and daily reminders of calls and notes needed to fertilize the "farm" from the information added daily as it comes to me. Will let you know in about 10 more months. So far so good. Joe

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