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  • Avatar
    Joe Rumsey

    We shall see …. have been doing RE for 25 years and this is my 5th CRM … watched your BombBomb comparison, have been an iXact Contact user of late, tested two of the programs in the comparison video and have decided to dive into Realvolve even though the initial feeling of "overwhelming complexity" is in my head, I am going to give it a try as a challenge.
    Joe Rumsey

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    Broker Vince

    Watched a live webinar yesterday. Currently digging into a 14 day trial. At 1st glance my initial opinion is that this crm is alot more complicated then the webinar let on. There are ALOT of pdf tutorials that I have to read. I am fairly tech savvy and this is not familiar to what I normally see. This is definitely different so I will reserve a review until I have investigated further. For now, it's not achieving our primary goal of managing data, time, keeping things simple, organized and our overall business efficiently. Will update this info as I move forward.

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    Mario Reyes

    There's very limited flexibility to customize your existing processes to work with Realvolve. You cannot add to or modify existing fields. Therefore, it's telling you what data you should manage. I expected time to be saved by creating workflows, but all it is, is a glorified check list. Running tasks automatically within a workflow is done manually (no built-in intelligence). You have to set-up workarounds so that your tasks do not flood your calendar, unnecessarily. Workflows have to run in a certain way or else it doesn't work. Lacks alerts & error message to prompt or warn you if it is not going to work. Put on your "programming debugging" hat or somebody who can. The use of "tags" is over the top and being used as a workaround for the fact of its limitations to customize anything. Just "tag it". For instance, tracking contracted buyers can be done simply as listings, as there's no category or tab to quickly access this list. Not efficient and not a time-saver. But hey, they may be working on a new feature, if you submit the request, along with your hundred other suggestions. Bottom line: It has some nice features, but poor overall design, and not enough flexibility. Maybe 3 years away from being good...

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    Joe Rumsey

    A computerized system is only a "fast pencil". I have found that good data in Realvolve will make you money by organizing it and automatically reminding of things that need to be done daily. I am a long way from making it like another "appendage" but, each day I get closer as I build out the structure and learning its nuances. Working daily with any a computer program will build familiarity and increased production. I can feel its increasing value almost daily.

    For my entire Real Estate career personal or sphere of influence referrals has been the very best way to do business and a great CRM is the foundation. Others CRMs were good at birthdays and newsletters but, Realvolve adds additional layers along with work plans and daily reminders of calls and notes needed to fertilize the "farm" from the information added daily as it comes to me. Will let you know in about 10 more months. So far so good. Joe

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