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Understanding the Linked Contact

       If you've ever had trouble with your commissions tab or sending yourself a text in Realvolve or can't get your widgets to display the correct numbers, you may have contacted Support. Most likely, we told you something along the lines of "... something... something... Linked Contact.. something... ". You may have stepped back and wondered, "What on earth is a "Linked Contact?" This article is meant to clear that up.

     There are many spots within Realvolve where you may want to put yourself or another team member (User) in Realvolve; slots such as in the "With" of a Workflow Activity or in the Buyer Agent slot of a Transaction. However, these slots are for Contacts and not Users. So, you have a contact that's connected to a user! This is called the Linked Contact.

The Linked Contact is different than other contact because it's associated with a User in Realvolve. This contact is indicated by the  Screenshot_022719_105232_AM.jpg icon next to that Contact in your list view. Here's what mine looks like:


You can choose who the linked contact will be for your User or other's in your account by going into your settings and going to the Users and Permissions tab.


One example of when this linked contact is important is when you're wanting to create an Activity within a workflow to send you a message! Well, the "With" in a workflow is who will receive the message. You can't put a User in this field but you can put the Contact of Assigned User. This is the Linked Contact of the User who is Assigned the Activity


I often hear of Realvolver's who have set up an activity this way and aren't receiving the email or text that they're supposed to receive. This is most often because, although they have an email and phone number in their settings, they do not have a phone number/email set up in their Linked Contact. It's important to keep in mind... you're sending a message to your Linked Contact, you're not sending a message to your User profile.

Another problem I see a lot is when people have trouble with getting their widgets to display properly. There are a number of things that can cause this issue.

Take a look at this article for more information on all the things that need to be in place for these Widgets: 

Typically, the problem has to do with not having the Linked Contact put in the correct slot within the people tab in a Transaction/Property. If you have duplicates of yourself in your database, you may have picked the wrong contact for that slot! 


I hope this article has helped make the concept of a Linked Contact make a bit more sense! As always, if you guys have any questions of concerns, let us know on our Live Chat or through a support ticket! We look forward to helping you guys! :) 

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