How to Setup and Use Signatures in Realvolve

Understanding and Using Realvolve Signatures

Each new Realvolve User starts off with six templates in their library. They will have two Signatures, two Headers, and two Footers.
You will have a basic and an enhanced version of each.

For example, you'll have a Signature and a Signature Enhanced

These two signatures are named for the Editors they work with. 

At the bottom of a newsletter, email, or any other template in the system you can use the Merge field, [[Signature]] to pull the Signature template into this other template.

That means if you're creating an email in the Enhanced Template editor, using the [[Signature]] merge field would pull the template that is named Signature Enhanced. If you are using an email made in the basic editor and use the [[Signature]] merge field, it would pull the template named Signature. This essentially means that you will make the same "Signature" in both Signature templates.

If you're not sure which editor you're in, there are two ways to determine this.

1. The Basic Editor has one row on the tool bar while the Enhanced Editor has three rows.




2. In the List view, The Enhanced Templates will have the word, New, next to them.

* We are currently in the process of transitioning from the Basic Editor to the Enhanced Editor so any new template you make will be in the Enhanced Editor. *

It's important to know that the merge field code [[Signature]] only works if the Templates are named exactly, Signature and Signature Enhanced.

Setting up your Realvolve Signature

As far as Setting up the Signature, because our Editors are HTML Editors as well, you can build an HTML signature right into the editor by clicking the Screenshot_041619_104003_AM.jpg button in the editor! If you have an HTML code from a signature built elsewhere, you can put that here as well!

There are also some prebuilt template that you can simply add your information to! You can add these to your signature template by clicking the templates button in the Signature Editor.


You can also order a Signature to be built through Realvolve as well, if you'd like! Contact our sales team at or 888-507-1853 if you're interested. 

Headers and Footers work the same way based on the merge fields [[Footer]] and [[Header]].

The SMS template editor will use the Basic Signature template.

I hope this helps to clear up some confusion around templates! If it doesn't (Or makes it worse), please let us know! As always, you can reach us through Chat or a Support Ticket. 

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