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How do I set up a Workflow to prompt me to start a new workflow at the end?

Q: I have a 12 month workflow that emails the 1st of every month. I will be putting contacts on this workflow at various times throughout the year. Once they receive all 12 emails, I would like to have something that prompts that workflow ended and "Transition to new workflow". Example: Someone may go on workflow in July so they would be emailed from July to June 1st of following year. How is everyone handling when their workflows end?

A: On the 12th workflow, you can add an action which starts another workflow or add a 13th Activity which reminds you to add on manually.

Q: When would I date the activity since it will be all different months depending on when the contact started on the workflow?

A: Write an activity with an action to launch alternate workflow and time it for 12 months after start date.

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    Darrell Catmull

    Does the Alternate Workflow do this too? How is the Alternate Workflow in the Workflow main windows used?

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