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How can I set up Birthday Emails to go out automatically?

Q: How can I send out birthday emails automatically in Realvolve?

A: You can set up a workflow to do that. I set it to run automatically.
1. Create a new workflow
Title: Name your workflow
Use with: Contact
Description: Add a description

2. Add an Activity
Title: Name the activity (I called mine Send Happy Birthday Email
With: Workflow contact
Schedule: 0 Days After Birthdate
Type: Birthday
Repeat: Yearly 3. Add Action
Title: Send Email
Send: Automatically
Send an Email Message
Enter the name of your email template (I named mine Happy Birthday - 2016)

At the end of the year, all you have to do is change the email template to send the following year if you wish to.


Q: Where did you get the cute cupcake template from?

A: I googled for Happy Birthday images and added it.

***More ideas related to sending birthday/anniversary wishes...

*I am thinking that we can create 3 touches for 1 event:

1) EMAIL - Follow Joe's workflow for "day of birthday email".
2) CARD - Set a monthly batch notification for all birthdays in a given month and set time aside to write a card to snailmail (have it arrive a few days prior to the actual birthday).
3) CALL - Set a reminder to call 1 week after birthday. If I speak to them regularly, I will skip this call.
Same system for anniversary date.
*For most of my past/current clients, I have a task to call them the day before their birthday. I say "I noticed your birthday is tomorrow and my day is pretty filled up with appointments and I didn't want to miss the opportunity to wish a happy birthday". They remember that call because it's usually the first and everyone else sends their well wishes in facebook. This way, they get my email the day of their birthday.
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    How do you launch the workflow for all contacts?

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