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Can I assign a Workflow to a Tag?

Q: Is there a way to assign a workflow to a tag?

A: You can assign an Activity to a list of contacts that have a specific tag like "Monthly Newsletter" and everyone with that tag would get the monthly email for your newsletter. Just be sure to understand that you're setting up a "mass email" in an activity. You're not starting a workflow on everyone in that tag individually. 

Q:  I have leads coming in through Zapier with a Tag and would like to assign them a workflow. Is that possible?

A:  You can just assign the leads to the workflow from the ZAP - there is a drop down option for that within the Zap set up screen. Just go to the "Contact Workflow" field when you're in the "Edit Template" section in Zapier. 

Q: I think the problem I'm having is that multiple lead sources come in through that zap. I can assign a tag to "seller" or "buyer" based on the source, but that's about it.

A: You can use the "rules" section to check values of things to include/exclude the zap - checking if the source is for a seller or buyer in the rule would then allow you to pick the workflow from the zap.

Q: Is that done in Zapier or Realvolve?

A: Those rules are in Zapier!



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