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Reload Realvolve contacts with Google contacts...

When users setup initially and sync contacts from Google into Realvolve there are times when they decide they want to start over and limit the contacts that come into Realvolve.  The problem is that if you have google sync turned on and delete contacts in Realvolve it will delete them from Google also.  

Follow the steps below to turn off google sync, delete the contacts from Realvolve and remove them permanently, then sync the contacts from Google back into Realvolve.  If you do not follow the steps below exactly, you run the risk of losing contacts in Google which would require you to do a Google Contact Restore.

Start in Realvolve and follow the steps below:

  2. Delete All Contacts From Realvolve by going to the Contacts section and click on the ">>" double chevron to View All the contacts. 
  3. Click in the Checkbox in the Header row to select all contacts.
  4. Click on the [Delete] button and confirm the deletion process.  
    NOTE: This will take some time to complete - wait for all contacts to be removed before continuing to the next step.
  5. SETTINGS > TRASH   > CONTACTS > (Delete All Permanently) - This will remove any reference of deleted contacts from Realvolve.
  6. Sort/Group contacts in Google as needed to prepare them for bringing into Realvolve.
  7. SETTINGS > GOOGLE SYNC > Turn ON Google Sync (CHECK).
  8. Select Google Group to Sync if not "SYSTEM GROUP: MY CONTACTS"    
    (DO NOT SELECT ALL CONTACTS unless you are very sure that you want all contacts including the junk contacts with only phone numbers or only emails)
  9. Click on [SYNC NOW].

When the sync process is done, all contacts with the selected group should be sync'd into Realvolve.


Take a look at this article for more details on setting up Google Sync!


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