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How would I get the important dates from a transaction to show up on the Calendar?

Q: How can I get the "Important Dates" of a transaction to show up on the calendar? 

A:  Basically you just need to add an activity to the workflow and assign that activity to the person (you in this case) that wants to have that activity on their calendar. As an example: "Closing Day" activity would have the "0 days after Closing Date" with "Closing Time" assigned as the time option in the activity (drop down field below the "Closing Date" drop down). You can do this for any of the date fields (some don't have times obviously).

Then when you start the workflow, the system will ask for the closing date (or which ever one you are assigning). If you know the closing date at that time then fill it in... if you don't then leave it blank and the activity will be put into your tasks without a date as a holding place.

When you fill in the Closing Date and/or Closing Time (or other milestone date fields) on the transaction then the system will look for any activities that uses the milestone of "Closing Date" and perform the appropriate calculations for that activity and assign it to the activity (changing it from a task to a specific Date/Time activity). Using 0 Days after Closing Date means it is on the date of the closing. The Time is assigned if there is a time field for that date.

If you change the Activity date/time it will update the transaction field or if you update the transaction field, it will update the activity. The important part is that now, you have an appointment on your calendar for the important date. Add all the dates that you want reminded on your calendar the same way and for those team members which need to know important dates on their calendar. Again, we do this because not everyone needs all the important dates showing in their calendar and cluttering it up - this allows you to assign just those important dates that are important to you.


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    Tom Schroth

    Can this be applied to Property related dates as well (Like photography date)?

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