Deactivate or delete a user that is no longer in our company?

When someone leaves your company you should immediately remove their login access to prevent any unauthorized access.  

  1. Settings > Users & Permissions
  2. Click on the button to change it to 
    This will prevent the user from being able to log in but still give you access to all the information that is under that user.

If you prefer to remove them from the system then use the following steps.

  1. Click on the Delete button in the upper right section of the user's permission record to begin the delete process.

  2. Realvolve will ask if you want to Transfer or Delete the user. 

    Select Transfer to display a selection box to pick another user and move all records currently owned or assigned to this user to that other user.

    Select Delete if you want all records owned or assigned to this user removed.  You will need to confirm the delete before the delete process happens.

    Pressing [Finally Delete Sub User] will remove all items from your database for this user and can not be restored.

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