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Deactivate or delete a user that is no longer in our company?

When someone leaves your company you should immediately remove their login access to prevent any unauthorized access.  

  1. Settings > Users & Permissions
  2. Click on the button to change it to 
    This will prevent the user from being able to log in but still give you access to all the information that is under that user.

If you'd prefer to remove them from the system then use the following steps.

  1. Click on the Delete button in the upper right section of the user's permission record to begin the delete process.

  2. Realvolve will ask if you want to Transfer or Delete the user. 

    Select Transfer to display a selection box to pick another user and move all records currently owned or assigned to the user that you're deleting over to the active user.

    Select Delete if you want all data owned or assigned to this user removed.  You will need to confirm the delete before the delete process happens.
    Checking the box to accept that you've read the warning and agree to it and clicking Delete User will remove all items from your database for this user and can not be restored without paying the $3,000 as described in the warning message.

Take a look at this article for more of what you can do on the Users & Permissions page!

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    Marie Paule Lancup

    Hi - I was working with Karima Tidjani as my partner and we have done many transactions together. I had added her as a user. I do NOT want to delete her record information, because it ties into many transactions and on accasion, we will continue to do some work together.

    I have since decided to work alone, but have taken on an administrative Assistant, Anne-Marie Lanthier. I need to give her access as a user, but even though I have blocked Karima and added Anne-Marie as a contact, the system does not allow me to do this. Karima will no longer be a user as she has purchased a copy of Realvolve after having used it with me for almost 2 years. Can you please give access to Anne-Marie Lanthier instead of Karima Tidjani?

    My other concern is that when I first signed up to Realvolve, I had the possibility of adding 2 or 3 new users (can't recall if it was 2 or 3). I don't remember ever receiving a notice saying this was reduced to onely 1 additional user! This is a major change - I'm quite surprised and dissappointed to discover it, especially now that I am finally able to bring on someone who will really help me run my business.

    I had planned to show Anne-Marie the system today so she can start learning it on her own and implementing workflows for me - thing I never found the time to do and now desperately need!

    Please get back to me as quickly as you can on

    Thank you,

    Marie Paule

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    Debbie Halcomb

    The "Transfer or Delete the user" option won't work for us because we cannot pick another user and move all records owned or assigned to the user, as we are already at capacity for the number of users that our Plus Plan provides.

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    Janine Barry

    how do I Contac tether accounts department to check what the costs will be if I deactivate a user? I also need to know if I deactivate a user will all that users contacts still be on my system. I am nervous to do this.

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    Erica McKinney

    The "Transfer or Delete the user" option won't work for us because there is no option to pick the new employees name in the drop down even though she is a contact in Realvolve. We are already at capacity for the number of users that our Plus Plan provides; therefore, we just want to transfer her name but can't.

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    Laurel Windsor

    How do I delete the name and number of the deleted user from the auto text message signature?

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