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Using the ABCD & color feature?

Q: How are you using the color feature? We currently employ a very simple tag system, but interested how you use the color feature.

Answers from several users:
A: The A/B/C/D is another way to group contacts in a broad/general context. We have found many agents/brokers/coaches use this method (and all have subtle differences in how they define these groups). The tagging system allows for a more robust, granular, self-defined categorization (and the tagging system can be used to trigger items in workflows). 

A: A= Top 100 contacts who would most easily/have before recommended agent 

B= Anyone who has purchased or sold a property with the agent
C= A lead

D= A Business contact/Administrative contact

A: A = Customers that I have done multiple (more than 3) transactions with and people who refer me the most business

B = Anyone that I have done at least 1 transaction with
C = General Contacts & Leads

D = Anyone that I do not want to do business with again

A: It can be used how ever you want. Most users subscribe to a trainers definitions:

A=Clients that you have had Multiple Deals/Multiple Referrals

B=Clients that you've done at least one deal or referral

C=Clients you want to do a deal with but not yet

D=Those Clients you did a deal with and don't want to go through that type of Hell again...

A: A = Would recommend the agent to others

B = Have been a buyer or seller of the agent

C = Leads/potential clients

D = Business directory contacts, other realtors, lawyers

A: D = Never do business with; or doesnt get our Love Notes or Christmas Invite. You really dont want to be "D".
C = Most people come in on C.
B = People who know us, love us, and we know who would refer us. Past Clients.
A = Past Clients with multiple transactions, people that refer us multiple times. 
We have a "A+".... People whom we would bend over backwards for; and people whom would do the same for us.





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    It would be nice to have an E - so one can have D = Business directory contacts, other realtors, lawyers and D=Those Clients you did a deal with and don't want to go through that type of Hell again...

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    Jeff Petaja

    • A is anyone who is an Active Buyer, Active Seller, Lead Tracker contacts,
    anyone that has provided a referral when the lead is Active, and Channel Accounts
    • B is anyone who is a Past Client (that you want to work with again), your Top 50
    SOI, and current Business Partner Referral resources
    • C is anyone that is a Buyer Prospect or Seller Prospect
    • D is any lead that is Unconverted
    • (None) – Technically this is considered an “uncategorized” contact. If a contact has
    been assigned a category, it may be changed to (None) by clicking on highlighted
    category below the contacts photo. Use this for Non-responsive leads where
    contact has been attempted at least 7 times. Also use this for contacts where it has
    been determined there is No Opportunity or have been asked to put on the DNC.
    These are saved in case a review of Cold Leads is needed making it easy to go
    back to find out what happened. Family members, Vendors, and Agents are also
    categorized as (None).

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