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How to Export Contacts to a CSV file (How to Print off a list of Contacts)

Whether it's so you can print off a list of contacts or create mailing labels through our Google integration, there are many reasons to use the Export feature in Realvolve! In the following article, i'm going to show you just how you can do that.

First, we're going to start with our List of Contacts. This can be a filtered list, or if you want, you can export your entire database in this same way! You can access your contacts by clicking the contact icon in the top left corner. 


After you've created your filter, click the "# >>" next to the word Contacts. 

* For help with filters, check out this article: *



This will display all the contacts in the main screen where you'll see a number of check marks next to their names. If you want to export everyone in this list, you'll want to make sure everyone is selected! Click the top checkbox to check everyone.


Now, you can start the export process! Once you have everyone selected that you want to export, simply press the export button in the top right of the screen.


The next option asks you if you'd like to combine or export individually. If you're wanting a full export, I would suggest exporting everyone individually. If you want husband and wife combined, I would suggest the combination. This is best used when Printing Mailing Labels. More on that here:


Click Export for you to get to the Field screen! 

This is where you will choose which fields you want to export. Whatever is on the right side will be exported, everything that is on the left side will not be exported. In order to move the fields to one side of the other, check the boxes and click the arrow to send it in the corresponding direction!
For example, if you just want your contacts with their email address, make sure to only have First Name, Last Name, and Main Email on the right side. If you think you'll use the preference more than once, you can save it at the bottom of the box.


You can Preview the export or just go ahead and Export by clicking the buttons in the bottom right of the box.

In some browsers, the export will automatically download! However, if this doesn't happen, you can go into your Settings and go to the Export Contacts tab to download any recent exports including the one you just did! 


Once you have your CSV, you can open it in any spreadsheet software you have and print it off if you'd like a hard copy! Or you can import it into another system. Whatever you'd like to do :D 

Best of luck on your exporting! 

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