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How to make Mailing Labels from an Exported Realvolve file in

It used to be that you could export your CSV file and use Google Docs to run the Avery Mail-Merge add-on to make labels right there in Google. However, thanks to the alert of a Realvolve user, it looks like they are now charging for any label over 25! So, after some digging, we found a different way to do it and personally... I think it's a better way. Check it out.

1. You'll need to start with a CSV from your contacts in Realvolve. If you're not familiar with the export process, check out our other article here on how to do that. 

2. Once you have your sheet, you'll want to go to and click on "Templates" and select Avery Design and PrintScreenshot_102419_101533_AM.jpg

3. Click on the "Start Designing" button in the middle of the screen. It may ask you to make an account so make sure to do that in that window to move on! 

4. Click your template size to continue. (This is typically 5160 in most cases)

5. Pick your design! There are so many designs to pick from here. I'm seeing over 1600 right now, and it looks like you can even upload your own designs! For training purpose, I'm going to pick the blank one for now.


6. Here's where you pick the CSV that you're wanting to use for your mail merge. I'm going to use one that I exported from my account. 

* On the next screen, pick which rows you'd like to print. The first row is simply the headers so you won't want that. Just uncheck it. *


7. Organize the fields how you want them in the label by doubleclicking or dragging and dropping them into the label. 

Click Next and then Finish on the next window. 


8. Continue to Adjust and drag the Label so it looks the way you'd prefer. I pulled the text box down here to center the information in the label and used the justify tools on the left-hand side to center the information vertically. 

Then click "Preview & Print" in the bottom right hand corner.


9. In this screen, you will see a preview of your label sheet. You can choose to "Print it Yourself" or have Avery Print it for you and send it to you. If you're going to Staples or Office Depot to print the labels, you can choose "Print it Yourself" and then click "Print Now". From there you can then download the pdf by clicking 'Save to my Computer'. Take that PDF and print those labels from wherever you'd like! 


I hope that helps and as always, feel free to reach out to us with any questions! 

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