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How to Send out a Mass Email

There are two basic ways to send out a Mass Email in Realvolve: 

1. Instantly through Mass Selection

2. A planned mass email through a Workflow 

We're going to talk about the first method in this article and it's very straightforward. 

Check this article for how to do this within a Workflow: 

Mass Selection

Start by Clicking on your Contact Icon in the top Left Corner:


Next, you'll want to filter for the group you'd like to send the message to. You can do this by creating a filter for that group whether it be a tag, or date added, or some other parameter. 

Take a look at this article for more information on Filters: 


Once you've chosen the parameters you'd like to filter by, click the Number next to "Contacts" with the >> to view them in the main screen.


Check the top box to select all, or select only those you want to send to and click the email icon at the top of the page.


Here's where the email pops up! You can immediately start typing into the field or you can choose from templates that are already created.
You even have the choice to BCC your own personal email or anyone else you'd like to be attached by CC or BCC to those emails.


Make sure you enter a subject and then you can preview and send the email out! 

Also, we always appreciate when you guys make sure you're sending out to an Opted in List! That way we don't get a lot of bounces or spam occurrences on our server. Thanks guys!


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