Syncing with Microsoft Outlook

Realvolve is setup to Sync with Google Apps - Contacts, Calendar and Tasks which are also web based.   Microsoft Outlook is Desktop based and requires additional connectivity in order to access the data.   The easiest way to get your Outlook Data into Realvolve is to use the Google Sync with Outlook.  Use the link below to find out how you can sync Outlook to Google which can then be sync'd with Realvolve.



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    Sandy Walsh

    what about exchange? or office 365? they are would be great to have the calendar sync for showings etc. right now, my assistant and I book items on a third calendar.

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    Gary Hall

    Exchange will not sync yet, but Office 365 will if you use IMAP. That said, it will only display the email. We only sync address book, calendar and tasks to Google. FYI - You should always originate appointments that have anything to do with a contact, property or transaction in Realvolve because it can not associate an event if it is originated in Google.

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    Leilani Fong

    I'm very frustrated that Realvolve only works with Google. It feels like it is built to only fully function for gmail and Google Apps customers. Are there plans to work with any real enterprise class email systems such as Office 365? This is a major advantage of Contactually and SFDC. Zoho does not but has a very good Outlook plugin to associate emails with opportunities and contacts. 

    You may also want to change the "Add Email Account" button to "Add Google Email Account".

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    Michael Estes

    I agree with Leilani, Office 365 is used in so many offices over Google. This is our biggest hang up with Realvolve. We love the program just wish it would sync with Outlook.

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    Thom Abbott

    this could be a big whoops for me......I HATE Gmail and will not use it. I spent big bucks to get the Office to Mac suite so I could continue life seamlessly a couple years ago. The current CRM I'm using will let me outbound send email, but it does not attach it to the client record. Can we not even send outbound from here? If so, How will I send an email and use the email features?

    I'll stop adding any more info till I find out.

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    Lenny Nelson

    Agree. needs to work with outlook

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    David Park

    Still waiting!!

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    Gary Hall

    Hey guys - We do now display Outlook emails in our Email Tab in the Contact Record. We can't sync calendar and address book but we have a Utility that can help work around that at

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    Jim Ivy

    I use a third party service to send "greeting cards" to my clients. When they open the card, I get a notice in my email accounts (My office uses 360 but I forward everything to Gmail which I prefer for it's greater flexibility, increased security, and compatibility). In the other CRM systems that I have used, I could easily associate any email with any contact. Is there a way to do this with RealVolve?

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    Gary Hall

    Hi Jim - There are two kinds of email in Realvolve.

    1) In the Email Tab in the Contact record. That one displays - not stores - all email to and from that Contact, in YOUR email account. If you completely delete it from your email account, it will no longer display in Realvolve. It does not display emails sent using Realvolve Email. The exceptions are when you BCC, and notifications, in which case it will show in the email tab.

    That is the email that you specify in Settings, Emails, Email Account. It does not display other users Email correspondence with that Contact. It only displays what is in your account. We are working on that though.

    2) In the Contact record in the Radar screen in Notes and Correspondence. This displays emails that have been sent using Realvolve's Email, and any replies to that email (as long as they replied using that email and the address that is in their contact record). Any emails sent out using Workflows will display here if you are using Realvolve's email..

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