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Syncing Google Contacts and Calendar to Outlook

Currently Realvolve syncs Google Contacts and Calendar directly with no outside utilities required.

We currently only display your Outlook emails in Realvolve in the Email Tab of the Contact Record. It does not yet sync Contacts and Calendar but until it does, here is a work-around to get Outlook users synced up. Since we sync to Google, what you can then do is sync Google to Outlook.

Following is a free utility provided online to get you going with syncing your Contacts and Calendar items from Realvolve to Google to Outlook. The Contact sync is bi-directional from Google to Outlook for Contacts and the Calendar. 

Also please save yourself a lot of time by making sure you watch the Google Sync Tutorial here before you set up Google sync.


Click here for the Outlook sync utility. 

If you need help, we're not Outlook experts but if you come to Live Chat we'll help you as much as we possibly can.

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