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Using the Realvolve Dialer

Realvolve is excited to announce the new Dialer feature! This is a great new addition that allows you to call your contacts with a few simple clicks. It can even record the calls so you can listen to them at a later time depending on the laws in your area for two-party consent for recordings. 

To start, you will want to make sure the account owner has already set up the dialer. If they have not, pass along this article to them that goes over how to set it up: How To Set Up the Realvolve Dialer

Once everything is in place, head over to the contact you need to call and click on the phone number below their name. You will want to click on Call Now to start the process of calling your contacts. 


A new window will appear that allows you to establish the connection with the dialer to start making the initial call. You have the option to select the Calling From phone number which will also be what is displayed on the caller ID. This is also the number that Realvolve will call you at to connect the dialer.

Once everything looks good, click on Connect Dialer to establish the connection with the dialer. 


Another dial pad will appear that is used to connect your dialing session. You do not need to do anything with this screen until you are done calling all the contacts you would like to. 


Now that the dialer is connected, it is time to call the contact by clicking on Dial Contact.


You will have the ability to add an outcome for the call in the disposition section directly below the Disconnect Dialer and End Call buttons. The first option is the status of the call which will automatically be selected by Realvolve. You can also change this if you need to by choosing from the following options:

  • Made Contact
  • Bad Number
  • Busy
  • No Answer
  • Unknown Error


Below the call disposition option, you can add a title and a note about the call. Once you have all the information in place, click on Save Note

After you are done with the call, click on End Call which will then display that it is hanging up that specific call.


Depending on your settings, you will have a certain number of seconds to make another call before the dialer will automatically disconnect. This defaults to 30 seconds but can be changed in your settings by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the call window. 

While you are still connected to the dialer, you can click on another contact's phone number to start the process over. You can do this as many times as you need depending on the list of leads you need to call.

Once you have finished making your calls, click on Disconnect Dialer to end the session.


A great option is to go to your Dashboard and click on one of the boxes in the Contact Cross Section. This will pull up a list of your contacts that are in each of the categories in this section, allowing you to quickly see who may need some attention. Simply click on their name and follow the same steps above to connect the call. 


The dialer also allows you to move around to different sections of your Realvolve account without disconnecting the call. At the top of the page, you will see that the call is still active and gives you a link to the lead's name so you can go back to the dialer screen. 


Once the call is complete, you can go to the Radar page for the contact, and click on the phone icon to view the call details. This includes any notes that were taken as well as the recording. If the recording is not present, this means the feature was not enabled when the account owner set up the dialer. 

If your call was recorded, you have the ability to download the audio by clicking on the three dots to the right of the playback section. 


Once the call has been completed, the last call date will automatically update on the Contact page for that contact you called. 

If you have any questions regarding the Realvolve dialer, please chat in with us by clicking on the Help bubble at the bottom right corner of your Realvovle account. 

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    Teri Counselman

    I am testing my Assistant and my husband. I am using a headset. I can hear the phone ring, they cannot hear their phone ring. What might be going wrong?

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