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How To Set Up the Realvolve Dialer

In order to use the dialer in Realvolve, the initial setup will need to be done from the account owner's profile. Once you are there, follow along with these steps to complete the setup of the dialer.


First, you will need to go to your Settings which can be found in the upper right corner. 


On the left side, choose Dialer from your options. This will take you to the corresponding section where you will be able to enable the dialer on your account by clicking on the Activate button. Please note, the cost of the dialer is $20.00/month/user for 500 minutes/month/user for current users.


You will be asked if you are sure you want to activate the dialer. Click on Yes to proceed. 


Once it has been activated, click the Enable/Disable button to turn the dialer on. You can click the button again to turn it off. 

Select your default phone number that will be used to connect you to the dialer. The dialer will call you at this number to start your dialing session. 

Choose how many seconds the dialer connection can remain idle before it automatically hangs up. The default for this is 30 seconds.


Under the Call Recording section, you can choose to have your calls recorded. Please make sure to check the laws in your area regarding two-party consent for recordings as some areas do not allow calls to be recorded. 


The next area to look over is the Call Logs section. Here is the information that will be displayed on this page:

  • Date and Time of the call
  • Who was called
  • Total call duration
  • Status of all calls 
    • Completed
    • Busy
    • Failed 
    • No Answer
  • Call recording - You will be able to listen to the call from here without having to go to the contact's profile. 

call_logs.png If at any time you would like to cancel your dialer service, simply go to the Dialer page and click on the Start Cancellation Process button. We do not offer refunds for any unused minutes. 


Now that you have all the settings in place for the dialer, it's time to start using it. Follow along with this article to learn how: Using the Realvolve Dialer.

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