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Realvolve Reporting Add-on for Google Sheets

Using the Realvolve Reporting Add-on

The Realvolve Reporting add-on pulls data from the Realvolve Property and Transaction databases to build custom reports.

Sample Spreadsheet Document

Click HERE to view a spreadsheet containing sample reporting sheets used with the data gathered by the Realvolve Reporting Add-on.   Some modifications will need to be made to accurately represent your data.

NOTE: You will need to make a copy of this master spreadsheet in order to use it.


Installing the Realvolve Reporting Add-on
(Google Sheets)

Installing the Realvolve Reporting Add-on
(Direct Link)

Click HERE to install the Realvolve Reporting Add-on for Google Sheets


Helpful Formulas/Features in Google Sheets


DOM (Special Lookup Formula)

The Days On Market column is a calculated cell.

=ArrayFormula(if(W3:W<>"",Iferror(DATEDIF(A3:A,VLOOKUP(W3:W,{'Realvolve Transaction Data'!$T$3:$T,'Realvolve Transaction Data'!$F$3:$F},2,False),"D"),"-"),if(A3:A<>"",Iferror(DATEDIF(A3:A,TODAY(),"D"),"-"),"")))

The above formula looks to see if there is a value in the column W (Transaction Id) and does a lookup of column T (Transaction Id) in the Realvolve Transaction Data for the data in the W (Transaction Id) of the Realvolve Property Data to find a match and return the value in the F (Closing Date) column of the Transaction Data and calculates the number of days difference (DATEDIF) between that and Column A (Listing Date) of the Property Data.  If the cell is blank in column W (Transaction Id) then the calculation is based on the number of days from the listing date to the current date since there is no transaction to link to.


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  • Avatar
    Christine Matus

    I can get past to the permission, I link my account and there is not permission page it a warning from google that this is unsafe. I can only click back to safety or close it which bring me back to step one again

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  • Avatar
    Support Team

    Getting the same warning/error message as above. Is there a work around to allow us to export data to google or to office?

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  • Avatar
    Elizabeth Chi

    Also getting a warning/error message saying:

    "Sign in with Google temporarily disabled for this app
    This app has not been verified yet by Google in order to use Google Sign In"

    I have the Add-on installed according the the video above, but I still cannot pull data. This is an ongoing issue since February 2020.

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  • Avatar
    Carmen Rau

    Me either. It just says no records found.

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  • Avatar
    Rico Romano

    I am getting the same error... 'No Records Found" Any one monitoring this chat at all? haha

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