Realvolve Reporting Add-on for Google Sheets

Using the Realvolve Reporting Add-on

The Realvolve Reporting add-on pulls data from the Realvolve Property and Transaction databases to build custom reports.

Sample Spreadsheet Document

Click HERE to view a spreadsheet containing sample reporting sheets used with the data gathered by the Realvolve Reporting Add-on.   Some modifications will need to be made to accurately represent your data.

NOTE: You will need to make a copy of this master spreadsheet in order to use it.


Installing the Realvolve Reporting Add-on
(Google Sheets)

Installing the Realvolve Reporting Add-on
(Direct Link)

Click HERE to install the Realvolve Reporting Add-on for Google Sheets


Helpful Formulas/Features in Google Sheets


DOM (Special Lookup Formula)

The Days On Market column is not currently calculated (we will be adding this in the next update), until that time, you can copy / paste the following formula into the H3 cell of the "Realvolve Property Data" sheet to calculate it for you.

=ArrayFormula(if(W3:W<>"",Iferror(DATEDIF(A3:A,VLOOKUP(W3:W,{'Realvolve Transaction Data'!$T$3:$T,'Realvolve Transaction Data'!$F$3:$F},2,False),"D"),"-"),if(A3:A<>"",Iferror(DATEDIF(A3:A,TODAY(),"D"),"-"),"")))

The above formula looks to see if there is a value in the column W (Transaction Id) and does a lookup of column T (Transaction Id) in the Realvolve Transaction Data for the data in the W (Transaction Id) of the Realvolve Property Data to find a match and return the value in the F (Closing Date) column of the Transaction Data and calculates the number of days difference (DATEDIF) between that and Column A (Listing Date) of the Property Data.  If the cell is blank in column W (Transaction Id) then the calculation is based on the number of days from the listing date to the current date since there is no transaction to link to.


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