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BombBomb Integration

What is BombBomb?

BombBomb is a popular video emailing application. BombBomb allows you to quickly and easily add personalized video to outbound emails.  BombBomb also has a product called “Prompt” which uses customized date fields to remind you to send generic or customized video messages to your contacts on specific days.  This is great for Birthday and Anniversary messages!

Benefits of Integrating Realvolve with BombBomb:

The Integration between Realvolve and BombBomb allows users to add BombBomb videos to any email sent from Realvolve in seconds.  While similar functionality can be done using or other video streaming websites, this integration reduces the time to add videos to an email from minutes to seconds. Additionally we are able to sync selected BombBomb lists containing contacts with the Realvolve contacts along with custom date fields like Birthday, Marriage Anniversary, Home Purchase and Home Sale Anniversary.  

How to connect your BombBomb Account:

To connect your BombBomb account, go to SETTINGS > INTEGRATIONS,  scroll down the list of available integrations to the section labeled “BombBomb Sync”.  Click [Add A BombBomb Account] to display the Authorization screen for your BombBomb account.


Click the [Allow] button to approve the BombBomb integration.


This will allow the security permissions that are required to access the contacts and the custom date fields which can be used in BombBomb Prompt.


(1)  Once you have allowed access, the BombBomb account will be displayed in the integrations area. To disconnect the BombBomb account, click on the (x) button in the upper right of the BombBomb username and email.  


(2) Place a check in the “Sync Contacts” checkbox to turn ON the contact sync feature.  


(3) Select which BombBomb list(s) to sync with Realvolve.  When BombBomb contacts are synchronized to Realvolve, they will be tagged with the list name preceded by the letters “BB: “.  Contacts in the BombBomb list
“Past Client” will contain the tag of “BB: Past Client”.   Removing this tag from a Realvolve contact will remove the contact from the BombBomb list.


(4) Select the Realvolve date fields that corresponds to the custom BombBomb date fields used in your Prompt account.  


Press the [Save] button to save the selected settings.

How does the integration work?

Any contact added or edited in Realvolve containing the selected BombBomb list TAG will be sync’d to the appropriate BombBomb list(s).  Custom date fields for Birthday, Anniversary, Home Purchase or Home Sale Anniversary can sync to the contact. These dates can then be used by the BombBomb Prompt interface to inform the user when to send personalized video emails.


Any contact added or edited in BombBomb that is in a selected list assigned in the setting > integration screen will be sync’d to Realvolve and the BombBomb list name will be added as a tag prefixed by “BB: “


Note: When Making changes to contacts in BombBomb, be sure to use the contact edit screen and press the [Save Contact] button.  The integration connections between BombBomb and Realvolve use Webhooks to communicate and the [Save Contact] button forces the sync.

Known Limitations

  • Renaming the TAG name in Realvolve designated with the BombBomb sync, does not change its corresponding LIST name in Bombbomb.  The Bombbomb API does not have a rename list option.

    Renaming the LIST name in Bombbomb does not update its corresponding TAG name in Realvolve until user clicks the 'Save' button located in the Settings > Integrations screen to trigger Full Sync.

  • Deleting a list from Bombbomb, doesn't remove the corresponding TAG from Realvolve.
    The Tag from Realvolve is removed when user updates the contact in Bombbomb and hits 'Save' button"

  • If contact is present only under 'Suppression list' but not in other list in Bombbomb then they are not getting synced in Realvolve

  • If a Contact with Multiple Record owners is Suppressed in Bombbomb then it can't be Unsuppressed even if user manually updates it in Realvolve by removing tag 'BB: Suppression list' from it.

  • Performance: Syncing a large number of contacts from Bombbomb to Realvolve takes time.  To complete the contact sync for the 1st time from Bombbomb to Realvolve can take several minutes.

  • Running a sync for the 2nd time took ~9 mins to sync 1500 contacts from Bombbomb to Realvolve when some of the contacts were updated in Bombbomb."

  • If contacts synced from Realvolve to BombBomb are merged in Realvolve then they are not merged(trashed) in BombBomb.
    Trigger to sync updates from Realvolve to BombBomb for merge process is not implemented. Triggering manual sync brings BombBomb contacts back to Realvolve which were deleted due to merge process.
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    Admin User

    trying to reconnect with BombBomb. Cleared away all prior contacts. Now would like to connect only the Sphere of Influence "Tag" contacts; did not see a way of doing this.
    Bonus question: will those who receive BombBomb vids sent via RV be able to respond with a BombBomb vid? much thnx -bobby grubbs JSRE Co. OR

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    Dave Harbison

    Hi, how do I send an on-the-fly bombbomb in Realvolve with the mobile realvolve app. Is there a video on it?

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