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Paperless Agent Email Sequence Workflow Package Installation

Follow the instructions below to install the Paperless Agent Email Sequence Workflow Package.

1) Click on Workflows

2) Click on the " + " button to add a workflow

3) Select "Add workflows from the library" then click [Continue]


Click on "The Paperless Agent - Email Sequences" from the list of available Workflow Packages.

1) Click on [Install Package]

2) Enter the installation code provided to you by The Paperless Agent Coaching Club then click [Install]

The Workflows and Templates will be available when the installation is complete.

Note:  Contact the coaching club representative to get your installation code.

Take a look at this video here for more details on installing Workflow Packages!


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    Kim Kalina
    It isn't uploading, it states it is uploaded but I am not able to locate it.
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    Zelda Cain

    How do I get to preview the steps in the workflow and tweek them if they do not match our processes here in Houston. Please advise.

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    Gary Hall

    Click on the Workflow on the left. Then on the right you will see a >> with the number of Activities in the Workflow. Click on that and then the pencil icon to edit the Activity.

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