Activity Description Field Added

Description Field

A new “Description” field has been added to the activity screen which allows a large amount of information to be entered to allow a detailed description of the activity or a script to be said during the phone call.   As you type in the field the field will grow to allow for a large amount of text to be viewed at one time.  Unlike a “Note” field, the description does NOT get displayed in the notes section of a contact or property which it is connected to.  We’ve moved the notes field to the bottom of the screen and should only be used when you want to place a note in the connected Contact, Property or Transaction records.



Popup Window

When clicking on the activity from the Calendar the system now shows an enhanced popup screen to see more information including the description field and scroll if needed.  The phone numbers for contacts are shown when the activity type is "Call" and notes can be added from the popup screen without having to edit the activity.  The last 3 notes will be available from the popup but can be shown or hidden using the chevron icons.



Workflow Activity

The description field is also available when setting up workflow activities which makes it great for additional detail to help the user perform the activity especially when they are new to the team.



Note:  If you were previously using "Notes" as a detailed description or script for the activity, we do recommend that you edit your workflow activities and copy/paste the previous notes into the description field.





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  • Avatar
    Mark Boyland

    This is an Awesome feature! Thank you!

  • Avatar
    Tricia LaMotte

    Great additions!! Thank you!

  • Avatar
    Darrell Catmull

    Is this description only available by popup on the calendar and when I edit the task or activity? It would be nice if it appeared on a fly out window when hovering over the activity or task in the dashboard right pane. What would be really cool is if you had a drop down to identify a script in a library or script database. When that task appears in the cue or calendar the script would be linked and displayed with one click.

  • Avatar
    Amanda Halula

    I am only able to see the description as well in the calendar, not the radar.

  • Avatar
    Tom Schroth

    Thanks for implementing this, I saw when it was added to tasks but never knew how to see it anywhere else. For the way we use the system, if would be VERY helpful to have it pop up for tasks in the radar list for those who prefer to work there rather than the calendar.

  • Avatar
    Darrell Catmull

    I'm with Tom, while the feature is a great step forward we need scripts more readily accessible when talking with clients, prospects, and vendors. I don't put very many scripts on calendar events.

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