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Setting up your First Zap with Zapier!

Zapier is an excellent tool for getting leads into Realvolve. Zapier builds the roads between over 1,000 programs. Realvolve is on that list and can therefore connect to a ton of other systems through these "Zaps". Lets get started on your first Zap! 

In this example, we'll use Zillow Connect. The concept is the same for almost all Zaps.

First off, lets go to and make an account. You can sign up with Facebook, Google, or a stand-alone Zapier account. 

A Zap is setup with two parts: a Trigger and an Action. The first program, such as a lead source, is the Trigger. The Action is where it's going. In this case, Realvolve would be the Action part of the Zap. 


The Trigger for this Zap is a new lead in Zillow. Let's start by looking for the Zillow connection app. You'll do this from the Dashboard in your Zapier account.

You'll have some example Zaps pop up for most connections. Let's look at the first one: Create Realvolve Contacts from New Zillow Tech Contacts.


Zapier has made this process even more streamlined in the recent year and it's now very straightforward! On this screen, simply ensure that your Zillow account is connected to Zapier. Read the following instructions on your Zapier page to make sure you're all set!


However, just to make sure we've covered all our bases, let's click "Go to Advanced Mode" to look at the Zap more in depth. 

You should now see a screen that looks like this: 

Your App is Zillow Tech Connect and your Trigger Event is a New Contact. This means every time a new contact comes into Zillow it will trigger this Zap! 

Click Continue and choose "Test & Continue" to move to the next step.


This part of the Zap determines what will happen to the Contact when it's entered into Realvolve as well as what fields will come with it. 
Choose the "Create Contact in Realvolve" to access the Action.


Your Action Event is going to be to create a new contact. If you look in the drop-down, it tells you that it will update contacts in Realvolve, as well! 


Make sure you're signed into your Realvolve account. They may ask for your Zapier API Key here. This can be found in your Realvolve account under Integrations in your Settings.



The next section is the most important section! Make sure you understand this part.

Mapping the Customize Contact Section

This is where you will choose what fields are coming from Zillow and where they are going in Realvolve. When you tested the link with Zillow, it will have pulled a Test Contact. This gives you some data to work with and map to the appropriate fields. In this case, the Test Contact is called "Beth Homebuyer". 

So, I want to make sure the the Name from Zillow is going to the Name field in Realvolve. In this case, you would click the drop-down and select that option.


You will do this with all the fields you want to map and/or have available!




There are a couple of fields I'd like to mention. These are the the Start Workflow fields. This is where you will choose a workflow from within your Realvolve account to start on this new Contact. You can choose them from your drop-down here. 


Because this is a Contact coming into Realvolve, only Contact workflows will be available.

You also have the choice to run a different workflow based on whether this contact is already in your system and you're simply updating the record with this Zap.

Also, make sure that this field is set to Active: yes so that they come in as an active Contact.


Click Continue and you're almost there! 

Just make sure your Zap is turned on and you're good to go. You can see your active zaps in your Zapier account by going to the My Zaps tab.


And you're off to the races! As always, please contact us in Support with any questions, and happy Realvolving! 

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