102: How to Edit or Delete Tags


This step-by-step video shows how to edit existing Tags or delete Tags that are assigned to records in your database.


Take a look at this article for details on how to merge two Tags together!

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    John Pinto

    After doing this, I get the following error message " Seems the data you are trying to access is already deleted or it does not exist. Please refresh this page." I refresh the page and nothing changes. Rep on Chat says they are aware of the problem, but if I still notice it after 30-60 days, to put in a support ticket! This should be pretty basic and is confusing to new users. Not very impressive.

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    Nathan Schulz

    Hi John! Apologies, I was trying to multitask at the time and got confused. I'm looking at this again and realize this is a different issue than I first thought. We should be able to resolve this by Monday. I'll submit a support ticket and get this corrected for you. Apologies again for the inconvenience.

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    John Pinto

    No problem. Thanks!

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