102: How to Edit or Delete Tags


This step-by-step video shows how to edit existing Tags or delete Tags that are assigned to records in your database.


Take a look at this article for details on how to merge two Tags together!

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    John Pinto

    After doing this, I get the following error message " Seems the data you are trying to access is already deleted or it does not exist. Please refresh this page." I refresh the page and nothing changes. Rep on Chat says they are aware of the problem, but if I still notice it after 30-60 days, to put in a support ticket! This should be pretty basic and is confusing to new users. Not very impressive.

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    Nathan Schulz

    Hi John! Apologies, I was trying to multitask at the time and got confused. I'm looking at this again and realize this is a different issue than I first thought. We should be able to resolve this by Monday. I'll submit a support ticket and get this corrected for you. Apologies again for the inconvenience.

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    John Pinto

    No problem. Thanks!

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    Brooke Davis

    Hi, I don't seem to have the two icons pop up no matter how I hover or try to move my mouse... any clue as to why?

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    Gary Hall

    Hi Brooke,

    I looked in your account and you have permission to add Tags but you have to be an "Admin" to edit or delete Tags. Your account owner can do that for you if they wish.

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