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101: Customizing the People Tab in the Transactions


This video shows how to limit the number of party members shown in the People tab of a Transaction. Use the SETUP section to select the list of party members to a transaction that you use on a normal basis and add other party members as needed.


Take a look at these videos for more details on Transactions!

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    Jennifer Green

    PEOPLE TAB - I know this has been requested many times, however, we NEED the ability to be able to customize the 'add a party member' drop down menu. We have a listing coordinator and a closing coordinator. Listing coordinator is on the drop-down but not the closing coordinator and both need to be added to the Transaction. The closest I can see is a Transaction coordinator, which is not at all the same thing. When I brought this up before it was suggested to use a different title, one that is on the menu. None apply! That's only one example and there are several. Has any forward movement been made concerning this issue??

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    Robynne Whitaker

    Ditto what she said! Please give us some flexibility, or at least add a couple of "Other" fields as options so we can customize.

    There's no place to enter contact info for the listing agent on a contingent property, for example.

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    Pete Kirven

    I've looked 3 times so far. I see pest inspector and maybe septic or other inspectors, but no Home Inspector. I must be overlooking it. I even see "pre-listing inspector." But this is a listing I have, I have to schedule the appointment but have forgotten who it is so can't chase down the email. I think ditto for appraiser (I meet them for EVERY listing). I'm hoping I've just overlooked it. There are all kinds of parties I'll never need. It would be fine to limit the choices to however many are there now, but let us swap out ones we don't need with those we do. Thanks.

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