101: Customizing the People Tab in the Transactions


This video shows how to limit the number of party members shown in the People tab of a Transaction. Use the SETUP section to select the list of party members to a transaction that you use on a normal basis and add other party members as needed.


Take a look at these videos for more details on Transactions!

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    Jennifer Green

    PEOPLE TAB - I know this has been requested many times, however, we NEED the ability to be able to customize the 'add a party member' drop down menu. We have a listing coordinator and a closing coordinator. Listing coordinator is on the drop-down but not the closing coordinator and both need to be added to the Transaction. The closest I can see is a Transaction coordinator, which is not at all the same thing. When I brought this up before it was suggested to use a different title, one that is on the menu. None apply! That's only one example and there are several. Has any forward movement been made concerning this issue??

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