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Setting up your Email

This article will go over how to establish the connection with your Email and Realvolve through the Email tab located in your Settings


  • From your Main page, click on the icon in the top right of your screen to locate the Settings menu

  • Navigate to the Emails tab within your SettingsScreen_Shot_2022-09-02_at_10.22.32_AM.png

  • Now select the blue "Add Email Account" button on the top of that pageScreen_Shot_2022-09-02_at_10.23.26_AM.png

  • Doing so will prompt you to enter your email address, do so, and select Log in.

  • You will be prompted to select if you are using Gmail, or another provider. In this case, we will be connecting to Gmail

  • You will then be transferred into your email's site to continue to log in with your Email and your Password

  • Be Sure to check this box that will allow Realvolve to have Email Status Tracking and actually be able to Send / Receive emails to your Clients

  • Finally, Success!

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