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Transfer Firepoint Leads to Realvolve


  1. Office Setup - Click on the [Enable] button in Office Settings > Integrations to the right of "Realvolve" in the Integration list.

    Then enter your Realvolve subdomain in the blank provided then click [Enable Integration]mceclip1.png

  2. User Setup - 

    First, go to your Realvolve Settings and copy the Utility API Key to the clipboard.  The Utility API Key is located in your Realvolve Settings > Integrations > Utility API Key section.

    Once the Realvolve Office Integration is turned ON then users can go into their Settings > Partner Integration > Realvolve Settings and paste in the Realvolve Utility API Key for that user.


Firepoint-Realvolve: Send single lead to Realvolve

When the Realvolve integration is turned on and the Realvolve Utility API Key is added for the Firepoint user a [Send to Realvolve] button will be displayed on an individual contact record.  Press this button to send the contact information to Realvolve.  


A popup will display a confirmation question to allow you to proceed.


Once the transfer is complete the [Send to Realvolve] button will change to a "View in Realvolve" link on the main menu.


The link will open the transferred contact in a separate tab where you can see the basic contact information, pinned notes that link back to the Firepoint contact, and the selected tags.


Click on the "Contact" tab to display additional information about the contact including Home Address, Mobile, Phone & Fax, Work Phone & Fax as well as Birth date and Home purchase anniversary.



Firepoint-Realvolve: Send multiple leads to Realvolve

Groups of contacts can be sent to Realvolve from the Leads list.  Select which leads to transfer then click the "Send to Realvolve" menu located at the bottom of the list.  Confirm the process when asked then the names will be transferred.



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    Darrell Catmull

    Is this entirely a manual process or is there a setting to send new leads to realvolve automatically?

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    Darrell Catmull

    Can I automatically start a workflow for contact sent from FP to RV?

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