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Realvolve Mobile App - Version 2.0.8


The 2.0.x version of the mobile app is a cross-platform application that allows both iOS and Android users to have the same functionality.  The initial v2 release contains many new features to access and enter information while away from the office.  

Login | Main Menu | Slide-Out Menu | Dashboard | Contacts | Calendar | Properties | Transactions | Long Press Gestures | Coming Soon


Version: 2.0.8 - Released:  7/22/2020

New: Release features: 7/22/2020

  • Added the ability to store the contact list locally to help speed up the display of contacts after they have been retrieved the first time.
  • Contact list refreshes automatically every 2 hours or use Pull to Refresh
  • Added Pull to Refresh to Contacts, Properties and Transactions.

Released features: 6/23/2020

  • Custom Filters in Contacts, Properties and Transactions
  • Keep Filter settings until cleared
  • Search Notes
  • Search Party Members of a Property or Transaction
  • Edit Emails before Sending
  • Send Templated Emails via Realvolve or Device Email
  • Send SMS to Party Members of a Property or Transaction
  • Added SETTINGS option to "Stay Logged In"
  • Added "Showing Instructions" information in the Private Details screen of Properties
  • Corrected Login Issues due to Upper/Lower Case and Special Characters
  • Added Dark Mode changes


We are aware of the following issues with this release:

  • Some checklist merge fields do not save (working to correct)
  • Not able to send Group SMS/Emails to Party Members of Properties/Transactions (working to correct)
  • When using LARGE fonts, some text on screens do not look correct.
    • You can change your default screen settings to use smaller fonts to correct until fixed
    • iOS: Settings > Display & Brightness … Text Size and/or Bold - decrease the Text Size by 1 or 2 notches and/or turn OFF the Bold
  • Quick Lists (work in progress)


Enter the email address and password that is used in the main web application of Realvolve.  Once you have logged in the first time you can go into the Realvolve mobile app settings and turn on biometric settings to allow fingerprint or facial recognition to login automatically.



Main Menu

Used to access the major sections of the Realvolve software.

  • Dashboard: Access to the contact cross section and other details about your data.  The dashboard will continue to get improvements over the next few months.
  • Contacts, Calendar, Properties & Transactions: Access to each of the main data sections of the Realvolve system.  Each section is color coded to help in navigation.
  • Slide-out menu in upper left to access all features including Settings for biometric login, Coming Soon List and Logout.


  • Floating Action button to Add Contacts, Calendar Activities or View Online Help is located in the lower right.


Slide-out Menu:

Display additional menu items from the upper left menu button.  This allows you to access the dashboard, main databases of Contacts, Properties, Transactions as well as the calendar.  The Settings sections contains a setting to turn on/off biometric login for Fingerprint or Facial Recognition and the ability to logout.


Settings: (v2.0.5)

Click the settings menu choice in the slide out menu to display options for using Biometrics (Facial or Finger print login), as well as Stay Logged In which will automatically log you in if the app is closed without logging out.   It's important to know that for security reasons, once you turn on "Stay Logged In" the app must be logged in one more time before it keeps you logged in.  If you choose "Logout" then the app will disable the "Stay Logged In" setting and require additional logins.




 Access to the contact cross-section and other details about your data.  Cross-section blocks can be clicked to display drill-down information about each contact in that section.    

    • Contact Cross Section with Drill down access to contacts
      • Filtered view to display those contacts that have not been called or visited
      • Unfiltered view - all contacts that have a Stage/Status
    • rFactor Predictions - basic information



The contact list is the first screen that displays when you click the Contacts button on the main menu. This list can be Searched, Sorted A to Z or Z to A as well as viewing the contacts by First / Last Name  or Last / First Name.  Click the [+] button in the upper right to add new contacts or click on a contact to display the contact detail.

    • Browse and search by contact first/last name
    • Filter using Saved Filters with Long-Press reset
    • Custom filters for Tags, Categories, Stage, Status, Dates
    • Sorting by First or Last Name in Ascending or Descending order
    • View/Edit Detailed information about a contact
    • Start individual contact workflows
    • Quick access to linked spouse / significant other
    • View / Add contact notes (includes spouse / significant other)
    • View to linked properties and transactions with drill-down access
    • Click to Call with Native Dialer and Wrap-up Screen
      • Update Last Call Date
      • Add a follow-up activity to the calendar
      • Start a workflow
    • Touch the MAP to display driving directions
    • Touch an email to send a NATIVE email 
    • Touch a website to browse that site
    • Send Templated SMS Text



Contact Filters (v2.0.4)

filter_button.png Filters allow the user to reduce the list of viewable contacts based on specific field criteria.  Tap on the  3 lines that look like a funnel on the far right side  to open the filter screen.  Choose from a dropdown list of Saved Filters that were created in the main web app then click the APPLY FILTER button located in the lower right.  To clear any filter simply long press on the filter icon or click the clear filter button once you are in the filter section.


Custom Contact Filters (v2.0.5)

Click on the [Custom] button in the lower left to filter on fields which were not previously saved.  This will display the list of available custom fields in 3 tabs:  Tags, Contact Fields, Dates.  Swipe between the 3 sections or click on the icons located at the top of the screen to switch between sections.  Select or enter the criteria needed from any of the fields then click the [Apply Filters] button.

IMG_1919.PNG  IMG_1920.PNG  IMG_1921.PNG

Contact Detail

The contact detail displays the information about the contact along with the linked spouse/partner.  The buttons at the bottom of the screen allow you to display Notes, Contact Detail, Property (Listings), Transactions (Closings).  Click on phone numbers to dial or send text, long press on a phone number to just enter wrap-up information about a call.  The pencil in the upper right allows you to edit the contact's detail.


Tap on the phone number to dial the contact or send SMS messages if a mobile number.  Choose the option then follow the screen prompts.



If you chose "Make Call" - once the call is completed a Wrap-up Call screen will display to enter additional information about the call

  • Update the Last Call Date
  • Add a Note
  • Add a follow-up activity
  • Start a workflow 


 If you chose an SMS option with templates then you will be prompted to choose from the list of SMS templates in your account and then can edit/preview before sending.   Device SMS options send using your phone's SMS software and will not be tracked in the system.  Use the Realvolve SMS to keep a record of all messages sent to your contact in the contact record.  When using the Realvolve SMS to send messages the paper/magnifier icon on the right side will allow you to choose a template.


Scroll and Tap on a template then a preview window will appear at the bottom in blue - tap the preview to select the template for use.



Contact Emails (v2.0.5)

Click on the Email Address to send an email to a contact.  The app will display a menu to choose from Realvolve Email or Device Email - Choosing the Realvolve Email will display the SEND MESSAGE window where you can type in a new message or use the Paper/Magnify icon to choose from the templates similar to SMS templates explained above.


Click the PREVIEW button to see the message with the merge fields filled in.  Click the BACK arrows in the upper left to return to the editing screen to make changes and Send.



Contact Addresses (v2.0.4)

When viewing the Contact Detail screen, you can scroll to the Address section to see any Home/Work or Other addresses.  Click on a map to get directions to that Address.  Click on the HOUSE + icon to start a new Listing from the property.   (NOTE: More property/transaction editing is coming soon)








The calendar section allows you to see appointments and tasks on any given day.  The [+] in the upper right allows you to add new activities to the calendar.  The button to the left of that is for admin users to access other user's calendars.   Tap on the arrows on each side of the Month Year to move between weeks or tap on the Month Year to display a calendar to go to a specific date.   Long press on the Month Year to return to the current date.   Tap on any day of the week to see the items for that day.

Each activity can have one or more contacts as well as a linked property or transaction which can be tapped to view the linked data.   To complete the activity, simply click the square in the upper left section of the activity.  Tap the activity to display more detail including the ability to edit the activity.  Icons on the right side show basic information about the activity including type and importance in addition to checklists,  actions, notes and descriptions which can be clicked for more information.

At the bottom you can switch between Past Due items and Currently Due Items. 

  • View Due and Past Due Activities
  • 1 Week list of dates is available to choose from with arrows to change weeks
  • Click on a the Month / Year to select a specific date
  • Long-Press Month / Year to return to current date
  • Plus button to add new activities
  • Icons on each activity to allow quick access to notes, checklists and actions
  • Up to 5 contacts will be displayed on a given activity if they are linked.  If more than 5 are linked then a group button will be available to display a popup list for access.  Click on a contact name to display the contact detail screen.
  • If an activity has a linked property or transaction it will display the address.  Click on the address to display the detail screens.
  • Activities with diagonal lines are "completed"
  • Ability to change users calendar




Editing Activities

Click on the [+] to add a new activity or the pencil to edit an activity.  Tap the Star in the upper right to rotate through the Importance settings.  Tap the House icon in the About section to pick a property or transaction to link to this activity. Tap on the person icon in the With section to select a contact to link to the activity.

  • Quick changes to Activity Date and Time are available from the detail screen by tapping the Date and/or Time fields.
  • Click the PENCIL icon in the upper right to do a full edit of all fields.




Properties (Listings)

  • Browse a list of Addresses with basic details and Photos 
  • Address Search and Sorting
  • Filter (v2.0.5)
  • Click Address to view details
  • Start Workflows
  • View/Add/Search Property Notes
  • View/Search Party Members
  • Private Details: "Showing Instructions"

When viewing the Property List, the field that the list is currently sorted by is displayed in BLUE.  


Click the "Sorted By: xxxxx" label at the bottom to change the sort field...


Click on a Property to display the Property Detail.


MAPS (v2.0.5) 

Scroll up/down to see more fields including the ability to start a workflow on the property.  Currently the workflows DO NOT have wizard screens so use workflows to get basic processes started and handle more difficult workflows from the main web app.  In version 2.0.5 we added the Google map information to display the location of the property.  Click on the MAP image to open google maps and get driving directions.



Party Tab with Search and Multi-select SMS (v2.0.5) 

The People button at the bottom displays the list of Party Members connected to this property.  Use the search field to search by party type (i.e. Seller, Buyer, Agent, etc.) or the Contact Name that is selected for the party type.  Additionally, you can use the checkbox on the far right side of each name to select multiple contacts to send an SMS message to.  Once you make your selections then click the 3 dots in the upper right to display the SMS menu options.


 Private Details (v2.0.5)

A new lock icon in the lower right of the Property detail allows the user to see Private Details which currently display the "Showing Instruction" fields.




Transactions (Closings)

  • Browse a list of Addresses with basic details and Photos 
  • Address Search and Sorting
  • Click Address to view details
  • Start Workflows
  • Direction Maps
  • View/Add/Search Notes
  • View/Search Party Members

When viewing the Transaction List, the field that the list is currently sorted by is displayed in BLUE.  



Click the "Sorted By: xxxxx" label at the bottom to change the sort field...



Click on a Transaction to display the Transaction Detail.



MAPS (v2.0.5) 

Scroll up/down to see more fields including the ability to start a workflow on the transaction.  Currently the workflows DO NOT have wizard screens so use workflows to get basic processes started and handle more difficult workflows from the main web app.  In version 2.0.5 we added the Google map information to display the location of the property.  Click on the MAP image to open google maps and get driving directions.




Long Press

Some fields have the ability to do special actions by pressing down and holding on the field instead of a simple tap.  A list of these fields are included below.

  • Long-Press Gestures:
    • List Views
      • Long Press on Filter Icon will remove the current filter.
    • Detail Screen
      • Long Press on Contact Phone Numbers - displays "Wrap-up" screen
    • Edit Screen
      • Long Press on birthdate - clears the date
    • Calendar 
      • Long Press on Month/Year will reset the view to the current date.
      • Long Press - Checklist Merge Fields - puts in current date
  • Swipe Gestures:
    • Swipe Left to Delete Activity
    • Swipe Left to Delete Contact
  • Tap Gestures:
    • Tap on Date to change Date
    • Tap on Time to change Time
    • Tap on Notes icon to view activity note
    • Tap on "Group of X Contacts" to select contact to view if > 4 contacts on an Activity.
    • Calendar
      • Tap on Contact Name to view contact assigned to an Activity.
      • Tap on Property/Transaction Address to view.
      • Detail Screen (only fields changeable during this view)
        • Date/Time


Coming Soon / Known Issues

  • Contact
    • Lead fields not added yet. (WIP)
    • Add Spouse
    • Ability to add a picture of a contact
  • Calendar
    • When viewing an activity checklist that has merge fields - some merge fields do not save correctly.
  • Property / Transaction
    • Not able to Add or Edit yet. (WIP)
    • Email Party Members
    • Ability to add a picture of the property/transaction
  • Quick Lists
    • None of the quick lists are available yet - we are working through API changes to make some of this available.
      • List of Birthdays/Anniversaries
      • List of Closings
      • List of Expiring Listings
      • List of New Leads
      • Open House Forms / Lists






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