Google Sync for Contacts

Google is arguably our most seamless and powerful integration in Realvolve. In this article, I'm going to give you the Ins and Outs of the Contact sync.

Keep in mind that a Google sync cannot be undone. However, you can turn the sync off at any point to halt further updates. Whatever sync has already happened can't be reversed. 

The first thing to consider when syncing contacts is what email account you're going to sync with. This email account is chosen in the "My Social Networks" tab within your settings.


If you're ever having trouble with your Google sync, sometimes all you need to do is "Reauthorize" your google account which you can do here.

Once that's selected, you'll choose which "Group" to sync with that resides in your Google account. You will choose this under the "Google Sync" tab in your settings.


We highly suggest leaving this as "System Group: My Contacts" and we do for a number of reasons:
1. The System Group: My Contacts" tag is easily identifiable and can only mean one thing... google sync contacts.
2. This syncs with only the relevant group of Contacts in your Google account when "All Contacts" will simply pull any email that has ever been sent to you in Google and make a contact out of it in Realvolve. That means when Subway sends you a marketing email... they are now in your Realvolve Database.
3. The "System Group: My Contacts" tag is used by your Iphone to identify the contacts it will sync with. This is incredibly useful if you want your Iphone Contacts to sync with your Realvolve through the Google sync.

You've now chosen how you want Google to behave in the sync. Next you will choose how Realvolve syncs with Google. This is determined by what Tags you've given to those contacts in Realvolve. Now, as you may have noticed, there is a selection you can make that tags all new Contacts in Realvolve with the "System Group: My Contacts" tag. Because this is the group you've selected to sync with in Google... any Contact with a tag called "System Group: My Contacts" will sync with Google.

In this example, Frank Sinatra has the "System Group: My Contacts" tag. That means, if I'm syncing with that group, and have Google Sync turned on he will sync with my Google account.


Some things to keep in mind with Google: 

1. We share information with Google almost instantly as soon as it's updated in Realvolve. However, Google does not share information as fast. They change their rotations often but it can take up to 3 hours at times. If you want to Force a sync from Google. Simply click the drop down "Google Sync" from your drop down menu.


2. If it's your first time syncing, it may take a while. This is especially the case if you have a large bulk of contacts that you are syncing. The screen may remain like this for a short period of time while it is processing the new sync.

3. There is another selection that allows you to "Remove Deleted Contacts from Google". Read the disclaimer carefully before you make this selection. It will effectively Delete contacts from your Google account as you delete them from Realvolve. Otherwise, it will just add a group to Google called "Deleted from Realvolve". Make sure a contact is not in that group in Google if you want them to sync with Realvolve.

4. In the same vein, contacts deleted from Google will show the "Deleted from Google" tag in Realvolve. This means that they will not sync with Google again. Remove this tag from the Contact in Realvolve if you'd like to sync with Google again.

5. If the "Google Sync" tab is not displaying in your settings it's most likely because you don't have the permissions set for you under your Account Owner's Settings. Check with them to confirm you have those permissions allowed! 

As always, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to your Realvolve Support Team! 

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