How to Print Mailing Labels (Step-by-Step)

        In this day and age, the ease of digital communication makes keeping in touch with clients easier than its ever been. Even more so, with the automation capabilities of Realvolve, sending an email or text doesn't have to take a second thought! 
However, sending a physical card or newsletter to a lead or client is one of the time-proven, best ways to keep your business at the forefront of their minds. This is where Mailing Labels come in. Through our integration with Google you can print off a a large swathe of mailing labels for a large group of contacts quickly and easily! 

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The first thing you're going to want to do is Filter for the specific group of Contacts you want mailing labels for. In this example, I'm going to filter for any contact that has the tag, "Holiday Card."

* If you need a brush up on Filters, take a look at this Article: *

1. Once you have your filter selected, click on the "#>>" part on the left to view your filtered list in the main view.

2. Click the top checkbox to select all contacts in the list.

3. Click the Screenshot_121918_102414_AM.jpg in the top right corner to export to your Google drive.



A small drop down will pop up that will ask for a title of the export as well as how you want them to export, Individually or Combined.

Most likely you don't want two cards sent to the same house which is why you would select, "Combine primary and secondary." This means that the secondary contact (Spouse) will not be included in the merge under their own row. However, the Mailing Name will still include both names. This is where our next step comes in.


Hit save, and we're ready to choose our fields.


This page can sometimes seem somewhat confusing but I assure you that it is very straightforward! 

Any field that is on the right side of the box will be exported, anything on the left side, will not be exported.

If you want to send fields from either side to the other, you'll want to select the field and hit the arrow to send it to the other side. Those arrows are indicated in the center of the page. 

In this case, you'll want the Home address, and the Mailing Name. Once you've set up those fields on the left side, you can save this preference in the bottom left corner for later use. In this screenshot, I've saved this preference as "Mailing Labels." 


You're all set! Time to click Export

Now, It's time for Google. Go into your Google Documents and open a new Document.

1. Click on the Add-Ons button in the tool bar and click on Get Add-ons.

2. Avery Label Merge is typically right there but if it isn't, do a quick search and download it!

3. Go back to Add-Ons and go to Avery Label Merge and New Merge.


4. Click Address Labels


5. 5160 is typically the standard, especially if you're getting them printed at Office Max or another office store! 


6. Choose the spreadsheet you just exported!

7. Choose the fields you want in your label and arrange them accordingly! Screenshot_121918_111028_AM.jpg

8. Click Merge!


After clicking Open you should see a nice sheet for your labels to be printed from! If you have some overlap or anything that looks odd, you may need to adjust the font size on the label or placement of the merge fields in order to make them look right. 

I hope this helps and Happy Holidays! 

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