Google Sync - before you sync...

Some very important facts for consideration before you sync to Google.

  1. Google contact sync is not necessary for the most part because we have an app for iPhone or Droid that displays much more than Google Sync on your phone.
  2. Google contact sync has only one benefit that the app does not. It will add your contact’s names from Realvolve to Google to your phone, which will enable caller ID on your phone.
  3. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have Contacts in Realvolve and you have the same contacts in Google Contacts or in your phone syncing to Google and you sync to Realvolve, it will duplicate those contacts the first time you sync.
  4. Optimally, any time you initially set up a sync between two databases, all of the data should be in one place, and typically your CRM is that one place. The best case scenario is that since Realvolve has more information/fields than Google, you’ll want to start with all your data in Realvolve and no data in your phone or Google Contacts. Then when you sync Realvolve to Google Contacts, it will in turn sync to your phone and there will be no duplicates.
  5. Alternatively if you sync Realvolve to Google and it duplicates contacts, there is a Merge Wizard in Settings to merge them together. Please bear in mind that a contact merge is not always perfect so the optimum way to do the sync initially is to have your phone and Google Contacts empty.
  6. With regards to Google Calendar sync, please bear in mind that Google Calendar can not associate a Contact/Property/Transaction with an Activity. This means you do not get the benefit of building a History with those entities. If you want to create a history you’ll want to originate Appointments/Activities for Contacts/Properties/Transactions in Realvolve.

How to set up the Contact Sync:

  1. In Settings, My Social Networks, Google Account. Click on Add Google Account and add the account.
    1. IMPORTANT NOTE: Do Not add an account, delete it, and then add that same account back again, it will duplicate all of your contacts from Google to Realvolve. Please consult with Support before doing this.
  2. In Settings, Google Sync:
    1. Check the Box...


Although the vast majority of people will want to sync to “System Group: My Contacts”, it is possible to sync only to Select Groups. If you want to do that, please go to Live Chat or call Support and seek guidance for your particular needs.

One thing you almost NEVER want to do, is to sync to “All Contacts”. This will sync your Google Contacts folder “Other Contacts”. That folder is typically where Google stores all email addresses that do not have a corresponding contact name in Google Contacts. This is VERY rarely what is wanted. Please consult with Support before choosing “All Contacts”.


If you intend to sync Google Contacts to your phone, you need to check this box.

It is typically advantageous to have all of your contacts in Realvolve. If you delete a contact in Realvolve, it should normally also be deleted in Google Contacts. To have this happen, check the box.


Click on the “Sync Now” button to start the Contact Sync. On the initial sync, depending upon how many contacts are in Google, it could take as long as overnight. If it takes more than 8 hours, please contact Support so they can look into it for you.


How to set up the Calendar Sync:

Google does not “Complete’ appointment/activities. They just sit there forever. This means that if you sync your Google Calendar to your Realvolve calendar, all the activities that you ever added to Google will now be incompleted activities in Realvolve. This is not something we would want, so we tell Google we only want to sync activities since the date in the box. Typically a date anywhere from 30 to 0 days is what people will put here.


And note the following:


The opposite is true, that if you have a lot of old Activities in Realvolve that you do not want to sync to Google Calendar, you would filter them out here, by adding the appropriate date.


What Activities in Realvolve will display on the Google Calendar and where?

  • Activities will only show on the Realvolve Calendar if they have a time of day or start and end day
  • “All Day” Activities will show at the top of the Google calendar.
  • In Realvolve, clicking on the “Tasks” in the “More” button will display all other Activities at the top. Those activities will sync to “Tasks” in the Google calendar.



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