Keeping clients posted on the deadlines of a transaction?

Q: How do you all keep clients posted on the deadlines of a transaction? Our emails are great, but I find that only my most detailed clients actually read those emails and pay attention to deadlines. Does anyone use Folio for Gmail in addition to Realvolve? I'm wondering if that might be a nice addition to keep clients updated in a transaction on deadlines and contingencies?

A: I do ones for my agents (I'm a transaction manager for a team). I use a template that lists out all the deadlines in the order they usually occur in and each week I send it out on Mondays and Thursdays. I delete the deadlines that have passed, highlight any that are due that day in red, and any that are due the next day in yellow.

A: I have a spreadsheet with calculated dates that I take a snap shot of and send to them at the start, then I just do a text reminder before each individual one as part of my workflow.

A: Different people "get" information in different ways. On the written front I start with an overall email- all the things in one place. Then, each week, I send a very specific email that is one part transactional (what happens right now) and one part emotional (you might be feeling *this* and here is how we are handling it).

On the immediate front I call every Monday afternoon. I have talking points coded into the workflow that reference what is said in the email. I takes notes from those conversations right into the action item on my task list.

I don't worry about deadlines. They occupy zero space in my head because I know everything is being done on time every time 'cuz Workflows.

A: I struggle with this concept a little bit as well. At the end of the day, thought, it's their responsibility to read what we send to them. I tell them up front that's it's extremely important to read all emails completely. As you've said, many don't listen and don't do that. But, there's only so much we can do.

The problem with listing all the dates ahead of time is of course that many times the dates will change. It's a fluid process as we all know.

Having said that, this has making me think about it. Off the top of my head, I'm thinking maybe an SMS workflow that sends a message to your clients reminding them as the date approaches? You could set it up for 'manually with preview' so that if the items already been taken care of you could cancel the message. Or put a little blurb in the template that if it's already been taken care of to disregard the message? 

A: I use text, sparringly, as it feels more urgent and I don't want to numb my client to my messages. My text reminders are more about appointments like physical inspection and appraisal, where the seller should do some prep work to get the best outcome.

Q: Do you have this template in Realvolve and update before emailing or another way?

A: Yep, it's just a template in Realvolve that I edit before sending.

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