Can I send a group text?

Q: Is there a way to group text within Realvolve?

A: That is a yes and no answer because more often than not it does not do what you want. If you put a Tagged Group in the "With" in an Activity, it will send the SMS in the Action to that Tagged group. The catch is, EVERY time you run that Workflow/Activity it will send that same SMS Template to EVERYONE in that Tagged group again.

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    Gerri Varela

    How is this done?

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    iMPACT Team

    Yes, I'm curious how this is done as well. Specifically creating a "Tagged Group". If you're simply talking about a tag applied to several contacts, the "With" in an Activity will not accept that input. I've tried. It would be really helpful if it would.
    Please update.

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    Darrell Catmull

    Struggling with this even when using a workflow and activity inside that workflow. Uhhm.

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