Q: I see Kendyl uses RealSatisfied, anyone else use it? How does this work better than asking for direct testimonials that go on Zillow, Yelp, etc. or is this just one piece of your puzzle?

A: Yes, just one bit of the puzzle. Once we get the testimonial, we cut and paste it to a new email and ask them to cross post on yelp/zillow/google.

Q: Do they do the cross post or do you?

A:  I can't post for them on Zillow or Yelp.

A:  I use it. It is more about evaluating your internal business and then asking for testimonials. The questions are in depth as to how the agent did in the process / how they chose you / how the office did overall. Then they ask for a testimonial. I find it useful in finding gaps in our customer satisfaction and addressing them. It's not just a plain old recommendation.

A:  I have been using it for over a year now. I am not part of a team, so my emphasis is on testimonials, to me it is more important that prospects hear about you and how you conduct your business and form relationships. My clients testimonials get posted to once I review and approve them. Then Realsatisfied sends my clients a Starbucks gift card, on my behalf, as a token of appreciation for the testimonial. I set up an action step in my workflow to let my clients know ahead of time that they will be receiving the request. Then, I have an action step to thank them once they complete the survey. I love it!


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