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Do you have any suggestions for reestablishing connection with Out-Of-Touch clients?

Q: Are any of you using something in RV to connect with clients you might have lost touch with?

A:  IF we have lost touch with a past client (and we all have), I would strongly recommend a from-the-heart phone call to start off with. AFTER some 1-on-1 dialogue has occurred, THEN I would initiate a workflow that does these simple things:

1. Reminds you to call them at least 3/4 times a year (emotional level).
2. Get them on some form of automated update that keeps you top of mind (professional level). Something like our integration with AddressReport (announcing soon)
3. Automated SMS message once or twice a year for a simple reach out (fun level).

Those simple things can go a long way to foster and deepen a relationship.

*Awesome reminder of no matter how great automation maybe, the most important thing is relationships first.

*Absolutely. Human first. And think of Realvolve this way: It's all about a 1-to-1 client journey (this goes on a lifetime). Touches can be automated... true relationships can not. 

A:  I started working on a mind map of ways to stay in touch. At KW, we have a 33 touch/contact suggestion that I started with. I coupled that with some BombBomb suggestions to integrate video.

Take a look at this and see if it helps. Items on the right side are things that will be scheduled for specific dates. Items on the left side will also be scheduled, but scattered throughout the year, to supplement the contacts on the right side of the mind map.  This will be in a workflow.

A: For baby births and school graduations, I send a handwritten note and a gift. I like to give Oh The Places You'll Go for grads. (a Dr. Seuss book)

A: One of our customers sends a book.. and if child does a book report on it, he sends them movie tickets (or something they may like).

A: We've been getting a beautiful Peter Rabbit or Original Winnie the Pooh keepsake along with a handwritten card. Their hardcovers are $40ish at Barnes & Noble. Nothing better than reading to your kids.




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    Lisa Efthymiou

    Okay, can I send BombBomb videos to a group of people from within RV? This is exactly what I'm looking at right now, as BombBomb is offering me a lot of tempting plans like these, but from rather than from inside RV. I like what BB offers in the way of response tracking. My whole operation is inside RV though. I would like to improve my 33-touch and 8x8 campaigns using videos. Help?

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    Tim Dutton

    Does RV already have drip campaigns installed? Example a general holiday campaign? If no are they available to download through you? If not where do I go?

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    Gary Hall

    Yes Tim! At the top of the page click on Workflows and then + , Add workflows from library. The ones label Public are free.

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