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What's a good use of the details section in a contact record?

Q: How are people using the details section of the contact record?

A: I use the Last Call/Appt./Note Dates to trigger activities. Like, last appt. date in my listing appt. workflow triggers a bunch of other stuff. I might SET the appointment days, even weeks before. Don't want to send the follow up until after the actual Listing Appt... see? Or last call date - trigger your next call for so many days after the time you ACTUALLY call as opposed to every 7 days, as an example.

Q: What type of activity would you trigger from a last call or appt. date?

A: Last Call date is super useful. I want to call a lead once a week. I create an action "7 days from last call date" and I include a merge field right on the activity to fill in last call date when I make the call. This means the activity to call pops up- it has the name, number and blank field for last call date and a blank field for notes. I call, jot the notes, fill in today as last call date and Realvolve will post a new activity 7 days from today.

A:  I have mine set up in my call plans as a merge field in the checklist.

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    was there supposed to be a screen shot? it looks like the image/link is broken.

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