Can I do a mass Delete or mass Completed on my Activities?

Q: I haven't signed in to my Realvolve account for awhile and now have 163 Activities showing up on the right. Do I need to click on each activity to mark it Done or can I do a mass Delete or mass Completed?

A: You can mass delete/complete. Click on "Live Chat" when you're logged in and the team can help. It's easy.

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    Laurie Carrigan

    Please provide steps.

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    Simon Hudson

    Can you please provide steps to do this?

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    Brett Bayless

    Hey Mark - Yes you need to improve this. I know I'm not alone. When we come into Realvolve and getting the lay of the land (program) and we are designing, learning, etc we get behind and get excess uncomplete activities and we need to clean it up quickly.

    On activity tab - need to be able to click on a column heading to sort by it and also be able to create saved smart filters would be a great help.

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    Margaret Stephens

    I have thousands of birthday reminders that I don't want on the calendar. I would also like to be able to mass delete other activities as well. Please provide steps or a method to mass select activities in the calendar.

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