Sent out a mass email and it says "dropped"?

Q:  I sent out a mass email and it says "dropped" - what does this mean?

A: "Dropped" means that they had previously unsubscribed or spam and the system did not deliver it.

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    Helen Chong

    I have the same problem and it dropped even my closest contacts who said they didn't unsubscribe me or dont' even have a spam filter. I sent out 150 and most were dropped.

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    Chad Dixon

    I tried applying a workflow to myself, and it says the emails were dropped... ?

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    Robert Jory

    This is very disturbing. And the above dates are recent. I have a bunch of drops and now I am afraid to delete them as they could be good. We have to rely on our system to deliver emails. Isn't that the whole purpose of Realvove? he system needs an unsubscribe status that definitely tells me someone clicked unsubscribe. Please let me know if this is in the works as it is critical.

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