Integration with BombBomb

Realvolve now Integrates with BombBomb to allow videos to be added to emails and templates with a single click of a button.  


Use the following steps to setup the integration:

  1. Login to your Account.
  2. Click on the Settings arrow next to your name in the right hand corner then choose "Integrations"

  3. Copy the My API Key in the API Integrations section of the screen.  
    (Our key is Pixelated for security purposes)

  4. Login to Realvolve Account.
  5. Click on the Settings arrow in the upper right corner and click "SETTINGS"
  6. Select "Integrations" in the navigation menu on the left side
  7. Paste the API Key from Step 3 into the BombBomb API Key field
    (Our key is Pixelated for security purposes)
  8. Click [Save] to save the settings.




When setting up a template or composing a new email from scratch, you can click on the new BombBomb icon bombbomb_icon.png on the toolbar to open up the BombBomb integration window.  From this window, you can record a new video to your contacts and save it to your BombBomb account and have it automatically inserted into Realvolve.  No more Cut/Paste... No need to exit one program and load another... It's all in one place.


At the top of the window you can choose between "Record a Video" - Once you have recorded your video you are given the option to "Re-Record" / "Play" / "THUMBNAIL" and create a custom thumbnail image to use instead of the GIF Animated image.


or select from the BombBomb video library by selecting "Choose a Video".  

You have the option to insert an Animated GIF (default) or still picture for the video place holder in the email.


Once you select a video, simply click the [Insert] button to add the video into the email or template editor.








This video here shows more details on creating Templates!

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  • Avatar
    Michael Vila

    Can you please explain what the checkbox Interactive Image(GIF format) represents?

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  • Avatar
    Antonio I Barraza

    So I can send a video using BomBomb, but I can’t send an inline embedded video using HTML?

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  • Avatar
    Gary Hall

    Correct Antonio. Gmail strips out "iFrame" so even if we could do it, it wouldn't work in Gmail which makes it unusable as a bulk function. That's why we haven't pursued it.

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