Update the widgets to reflect closing?

Q: How do I update the widgets to reflect closing? I had a couple of closings last week, which I updated on the transaction section as "closed" but the widgets are not being updated to reflect past closings?

A: Here are the requisites- 

In order for commissions to display properly the following conditions must be met:
It must be a Transaction with status of closed or pending.
The agent must be listed as the Buyer’s or Seller’s agent in the People Tab.
The agent identified must be the “Linked Contact” in Settings, Users and Permissions.
The numbers should display in 5 minutes or less but can take a little longer sometimes.
The commission shown is the Gross Commission, less any buy or sell side referrals
Transaction must be closed this year.
“Transaction Type” in Transaction Tab and Commission Tab must have same Buying/Selling side as Commission.
You can only see the stats for the person who is logged in.

Q: Our agents were having the same issue. One of them just wrote back to me saying everything was done to these specifics except "linked contact" in settings. She couldn't figure out where that setting might be. Is that something I need to check from the "owner" side?

A:  First make sure there is only one instance of their name/your agents name in their list of Contacts. Then in your account, go to Settings, Users and Permissions, Linked Contact, start keying in their name, and click on it when it comes up. From then on there will be a little Person icon next to their name when the contacts are listed on the left.


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    Daphne Anderson

    I have done all of this already and still YTD Volume $0, YTD Commission $0, Average Sales Price $0, Average Commission $0

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