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Q:  Need some help with developing an intake sheet for sellers, meaning every time we get a listing there is a list of things that you need from that seller, do you send them a questionnaire or something that they can fill out about the property or that you ask obviously when you meet them with all the info about the property, showings, if it's a condo who is the management, etc...?

A: We have an intake sheet. I do the listing contract and then I have my admin do the disclosures and intake at another time. I do this so the client can develop some trust with my admin. Nothing worse than feeling like you're being handed off.

Here is what we get:
Agreement on dates for events and vendors
Preferred contact data
Contact data for financDal and tax people
Recent upgrade info- plumbing, elec, fireplace, roof etc
Preferred possession date
Special considerations (travel dates, showing instructions, pets, alarms etc.)

Q: Does your assistant call them on the phone or contact by email?

A: No, personal visit. Establishing trust is a Big Deal.

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