New and overwhelmed - where do I start?

Q: New and overwhelmed!  What should I first use Realvolve for? Reminding me to send birthday cards? House-buying anniversaries? What? My thought is to start with one task, master it, then move on to the next. Does anyone have a special order of priority?

Note: These comments are from Realvolve users and very helpful...

A: I would start with a question. What are you most likely to DO? I am better face to face. I decided to do Market Reports because I am better at analytics

So, what is YOUR thing? When you have kept in touch, what was the common theme? Decide that first and the workflow actions take care of themselves.

There is little in my business that isn't, in some way, run with Realvolve.

PS- don't give into the current Guru D'Jour technique. Whatever you decide, make it about how you engage with people.

Q: Do you use Realvolve for more than a contact manager?

A: Yes! So, I have a specific post xaction workflow for my buyers that is a few years of timed value driven stuff. Like, for example, a list of favorite restaurants with delivery service at week two. Or a list of favorite boutiques for retail therapy at 2 months.

Then, as time passes it is reminders to review insurance coverage or updates to their home value.

I also have workflow for follow up with leads and a workflow for non-responsive leads and a workflow for remembering to follow up on listing leads...

Again, start with something that inspires you. Is it birthday cards? COOL, have assistant enter in all the birthdays you can find and do that.

A: First, sort your contacts. I am a big birthday card person so that was important to me as was the kids birthdays. Also entering in past transactions for me was big to see where I was the previous year and where I am at now. It is not that time consuming and you will have clients properties already there for later. I am now working on templates and workflows for sellers, buyers, qualifying clients etc. A little more time consuming but the s=response from clients has been phenomenal. It has really surprised me so it is motivating me to do more. 

A: I mapped out my contact tags, not just Sphere of Influence (SOI). I broke it down into Past Client (PC), Personal Friend (PF), Current Client (CC), etc. Then you can develop an SOI Touch Plan. 

A: Watch some of the videos on youtube and you will start getting great ideas of the ways to use it.

A: I would recommend choosing one of the free workflows available and then reading through each of the templates to get a feel for how each contact/email to the client provides them with either important info or VALUE. Once you have a feel for how that works, choose one of them and rename it with [DRAFT] in front so you can track the one you are modifying. Then go into each template and customize the text so it reflects your unique style.

I am constantly evaluating my templates & trying to make them sound as much like me or my brand as possible. Also, whenever I find something of value, I go in and either add it to a relevant template in the text, or often attach a PDF. For example, one of my Title Companies sent me a PDF explaining closing costs and who pays for what. I added that to one of my seller emails as an attachment to of my Contract-to-Close workflow. This provides an item of value to them they may or may not use, but it also adds credibility as their real estate expert.


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    Tristen Campanella

    Mark, can you share that workflow with the retail therapy???

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    Sarom Hong

    I accidentally deleted the first four task in listing agent workflow that came with my subscription, is
    there any way to upload new workflow?

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