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We implemented this to be primarily used in Workflows, along with the ability to Tweet, to give you more flexibility in how you communicate with your clients. Currently we can't use your mobile number for SMS but we are exploring technologies to enable you to, so that will come. In the interim you'll find that it is still extremely cool to use in Workflows. Just alert the recipient the first time you use it, that it is indeed from you and how you will be using it.

When you choose a number, the goal is to get your area code. In some cases you may be in an area code that is so popular that there are no numbers left for yours. In that case, please pick one that is closest to you.

Note that you have an option in Settings, SMS Services to enable you to be notified by email or text that you have received a text.


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  • Avatar
    Michael Vila

    Looking forward to the day we can SMS using our phone number. As you mentioned it's limited until that time. Are you still exploring the idea?

  • Avatar
    Gary Hall

    Not as a priority at this time but yes.

  • Avatar
    Alex Balikoev

    Gary, thanks for the great CRM, looking forward to start using it.

    Do you have any update on using own number for texting? We are very heavy on SMS's and would love to use this feature in CRM

  • Avatar
    Gary Hall

    Sorry Alex but we don't have the technology to make that available yet. We're keeping our eyes open but that's down the road a bit.

  • Avatar
    Joanna Housiadas

    Can you provide update on using SMS with our phone numbers? Heavily using texts and it would be wonderful to use our own numbers.

    Edited by Joanna Housiadas
  • Avatar
    Anslie Stokes

    I am following up on Joanna's message from October - when will we be able to use our own phone number to send text messages?

  • Avatar
    Gersha Porter

    hello! today is my second time running out of the available text for my account. any update on using our phone numbers?

  • Avatar
    Patrick Morgan

    I paid twice the Liondesk price for Realvolve and can't even text from a local number? At LD you couldn't use your own phone number but at least they provided a local number. No text or email video unless using Bomb Bomb? Good thing I haven't started using this yet...

  • Avatar
    Esteban Rivera

    My system lets me send SMS but it will not receive replies.

  • Avatar
    Andy Saddler

    I spent the last week setting up our text campaign and used someone in the office as our guinea pig. She got the 1st text - but no others afterwards. The campaign we've set up is to span 365 days. I have gone back several times and know the settings are correct. Also, when she relied to the initial message, I got it. I responded back and it went no where. No even in dashboard. The time spent on this has been a waste if there's that huge of a disconnect. Please advise.

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