Importing your Database - Things you should now


Importing Your Database


Realvolve imports more fields than any CRM on the market! And we make it incredibly easy to import from twenty two of the most popular ones out there! 

  • If you're clueless about how to do imports - that's OK because we aren't!   We'll do it for you! Just come to Live Chat
  • If you want to do it yourself - Just go to Settings, Import Contacts
  • We have several tutorials specific to importing the following CRMs: click here.
    • IXACT Contact
    • Wise Agent
    • Advantage Xi
    • Top Producer
  • With regards to the Top Producer Import - 
    • Don’t save the TP export in Excel. Use only the export directly from TP.
    • Don't change anything at all. The slightest change will cause the import not to work. 
    • Just do exactly what the tutorial says with no deviations.
  • Choose existing mappings - When you're doing your import, there are many pre-mapped import setups. After you upload your file, look at the top of the screen in Choose Existing Mappings

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    Scott Kimball

    Suggestion: One of the most popular imports is from Google Contacts. You might want to develop a template for it sometime.

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