Create a recurring followup task for a contact in Realvolve?

Q: How can I create a recurring followup task for a contact in Realvolve?

A: I made a monthly follow up workflow - just one activity that re-occurs every month. Then go to the person's record and assign the workflow.

A: We also have a free workflow in the library called the "90 Day Touchpoint" that sounds like what you want. Just change the number of days to 30.

Here is the description "This single activity workflow assists in contacting clients every 90 days - The Activity has 2 checklist items that you should NOT check off. There is a NOTE field to enter a note about the call and a LAST CALL DATE to enter the date you made the call. When you click the CLOSE Button on the activity (without checking off the items) the Note you enter will be added to the contact and the Activity will use the Last Call Date you enter and calculate 90 days from that date to Reassign this activity a new Date. Since you do not check off the checklist items it will never "complete" that activity so it will remind you in another 90 days."

A: I also add the cellphone number to the checklist so that it populates when I am doing the calls. Just don't check them off, just change the last call date.


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