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My name is Gary David Hall and my title is Director of Customer Success. That means it's my job to ensure your happiness with Realvolve. One of my responsibilities is to provide and manage Technical Support, so I know for a fact exactly what people have the most questions on in the beginning. And this is it!

Top 10+ Questions/Subjects for Support!

Think of this as a Cheat Sheet to refer to when you get stumped

Most people prefer playing around in the software to learn it, versus reading things like this and I’m no different. That said - I promise you if you read this whole thing, your learning curve on Realvolve will be much shorter in the beginning!

Do yourself a huge favor and read this one all the way through so you know what's in it, and then keep it for reference. It looks long but it's actually a very quick read and very much worth your time.



Our support is provided Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:00AM - 6:00PM EST, and Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00 - 8:00 EST.

  • Support Tickets (link at bottom of the page) This is for quick questions. These are typically answered within minutes but no more than a couple of hours the vast majority of the time.
  • Live Chat (link at bottom of the page) This is for more complicated questions or problems for which you have a need for a more immediate reply or for screen sharing.
  • There is a library of Tutorials and videos in our Help Section
  • Feature Requests/Product Enhancement Requests can be submitted on our Help Page in the Community Section



Dashboard Widgets



YTD Volume & Commission

In order for commissions to display accurately the following conditions need to be met:

  1. It must be a Transaction with status of Closed
  2. The agent must be identified as the Buyer’s or Seller’s agent in the People Tab
  3. The agent identified must be the Linked Contact in Settings, Users and Permissions
  4. The numbers should display in 5 minutes or less but can take a little longer sometimes
  5. The commission shown is the Gross Commission
  6. Transaction must be Closed in the current year
  7. You can only see the stats for the person who is logged in
  8. Many significant additions are in the works!

The Volume/Commission Pipeline is comprised of:

  • Potential (Active + Pre-Listing Properties)
  • Pending = Actual Status = Pending Transactions
  • Closed = Actual Status = Closed Transactions

 Predicted Transactions and revenue Widget:

  • Predicted Transactions and Revenue are a combination of the rFactor of your contacts, and your past transactions. It is a scientific guesstimate using our industry unique analytics to show you how much business you might hope to do based on those factors. It does not display any of your actual production numbers or any combination of your existing listings and sales. 
  • There is nothing you can do to change or influence them in any direct way because they do not represent any actual statistics.

More on this


Email Facts


Q: - What will people see as your Reply To when you send them an email from Realvolve?

A: - The email address that you use in Realvolve in your personal Contact Record in the Contact Tab in the Home Email field.

There are two kinds of email in Realvolve:

1) In the Email Tab in the Contact record. That one displays - not stores - all email to and from that Contact, in your email account (such as Gmail). If you completely delete an email from your email account, it will no longer display in Realvolve. It does not display emails sent using Realvolve Email, the exceptions being when you BCC, and Notifications, in which case it will show in the Email Tab.

That is the email that you specify in Settings, Emails, Connect Your Email Account. It does not display other users' email correspondence with that Contact. It only displays what is in your account. We are working on adding that.



2) In the Contact Record in the Radar screen in Notes and Correspondence. This displays emails that have been sent using Realvolve's Email, and any replies to that email (as long as they replied using that email and the address that is in their contact record). Any emails sent out using Workflows will display here.







"I just created a Template and now it's gone!"

"I just created a Workflow and now it's gone!"

"I just added a contact and now I can't find it!"

Odds are really good that you have a filter on. Filters allow you to narrow down what you're looking for by including or eliminating them from the search display results.

On the Dashboard you have these two but there are six of them throughout Realvolve. You can get a glance at all of them and where they are by clicking here.



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Google Sync


Some good things to know:

  • In order for Realvolve contacts to sync to Google, they must be Tagged "System Group: My Contacts"
  • Deleting a contact in Google will not delete it from Realvolve, but it will Tag it with "Deleted from Google" which will prevent it from syncing back to Google
  • Deleting a Contact in Realvolve will delete it from Realvolve and Google, but the contact that was deleted in Realvolve will be stored in Realvolve in Settings, Trash and can be restored from there

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Importing Your Database


Realvolve imports more fields than any CRM on the market! And we make it incredibly easy to import from twenty two of the most popular ones out there! 

  • If you're clueless about how to do imports - that's OK because we aren't!   We'll do it for you! Just come to Live Chat
  • If you want to do it yourself - Just go to Settings, Import Contacts
  • We have several tutorials specific to importing the following CRMs: click here.
    • IXACT Contact
    • Wise Agent
    • Advantage Xi
    • Top Producer
  • With regards to the Top Producer Import - 
    • Don’t save the TP export in Excel. Use only the export directly from TP.
    • Don't change anything at all. The slightest change will cause the import not to work. 
    • Just do exactly what the tutorial says with no deviations.
  • Choose existing mappings - When you're doing your import, there are many pre-mapped import setups. After you upload your file, look at the top of the screen in Choose Existing Mappings

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Listings & Closings


Properties are what we call Listings - If you are the listing agent, then you would first add a Property/Listing. When you change the Status (at the top under the picture) from Active to Pending, it asks you if you want to create a Transaction.

Transactions are what we call closings - When you say yes, it will move much of the Property/Listing information into the new Transaction.

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MLS Interface


We have many customers who have an IDX Broker account who have an API Key for it. For those people, they can auto-populate listing information into the Property that way. To learn more click here.

Other than that we have no function to import listings from any other source. We will be adding more IDX providers as we go but that's it for the foreseeable future.

NOTE: In Settings, Boards



NOTE:  In the Property itself, MLS information is only informational unless you are using IDX Broker.



Leads - Zapier


We use to auto-populate leads into Realvolve from almost any lead generation source such as Zillow, Trulia, your web site, etc.

Probably the best ones to watch on the subject to begin with are:


Open Link in New Tab


Did you know...that if you right click on one of the parts of Realvolve you can have different pages open at the same time? For instance - you're working in a Workflow but also want to work on one of the Templates.

Right click - Open Link in new Tab and voila! You can now edit a Template on one Tab and edit the Workflow on the other.




As the Account Owner you can do and see anything your little heart desires.

To allow or disallow the things that your team members can do or see, there is a Permissions section in Settings, Users and Permissions.

The three most common Permissions scenarios are as follows:

1) You want the user to be able to do and see anything:

Just click on Admin and you're done!


2) You have a buyer's agent and you want them to see only their own data (contacts, properties, closings, etc.)

Here is what it would look like:



NOTE: The check boxes - Checking them gives them that ability. 

3) You have a buyer's agent and you want them to see only their own data (contacts, properties, closings, etc.) but you also want them to be able to use - but not alter -  all the workflows in the system.

Here is what it would look like:


More on this




We implemented this to be primarily used in Workflows, along with the ability to Tweet, to give you more flexibility in how you communicate with your clients. Currently we can't use your mobile number for SMS but we are exploring technologies to enable you to, so that will come. In the interim you'll find that it is still extremely cool to use in Workflows. Just alert the recipient the first time you use it, that it is indeed from you and how you will be using it.

When you choose a number, the goal is to get your area code. In rare cases you may be in an area code that is so popular that there are no numbers left for yours. In that case, please pick one that is closest to you.

Note that you have an option in Settings, SMS Services to enable you to be notified by email or text that you have received a text.




Tags can be assigned to a group of people by selecting the Contacts, clicking on >> and then clicking on the three horizontal lines at the top right, and Add Tags.





We have a library of Free/Public and Fee/Premium Workflows

  • Go to Workflows (top of the screen) click on the + and then Add Workflows from Library. If you are interested in one of the Public ones, just click on it and then click on Install



  • For the Premium ones, click on them and you will see either a Web site address or an email address with which to contact them for inquiries or to purchase

Two of our most popular, very easy workflows (one task each)

  • 90 Day Touch - Change it to three or six months if you like. This will keep you on top of your calls
  • Important Dates - Get them on your calendar

Ready to make the leap to do some bigger workflows?


You can install our free Client Services Workflows - 13 of them, including escrow/closing for buyers, sellers and listing workflows.


Workflows can not currently be 'Started' for more than one Contact/Property/Transaction at a time, but you will soon be able to.

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