Copy an activity in one workflow to another workflow?

Q: Is there a way to copy an activity in one workflow to another workflow?

A: No, but you can copy the whole workflow though and then delete what you don't want. You can copy by hovering over the workflow on the left and then there will be a copy icon. Do not change the "Use with" though.

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    Kami Brant

    That seems like it should be something simple to pull off. Maybe now that it's about a year later from the initial question - is there now a way to copy an activity from one workflow to another? We are adding a specified set of 10+ emails to our workflows. Our workflows are all setup and in use so setting up new workflows would be pointless. Having to add these 10 items to every flow is going to be extremely time intensive. Vs. a simple option to "Copy Activity to: / dropdown to choose workflow."

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    Gary Hall

    Hi Kami - No we can't do that. If we could there would have to be so many checks and balances and restrictions it would be faster to create the Activity from scratch. It's not likely we will be able to do that. Out of the 60+ CRMs with which I have worked since 1999, none of them could do it either. It's nowhere near as easy as it might seem :)

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    Darrell Catmull

    Two merge two workflows, I printed the details of each activity in the older workflow so I could quickly mimic each activity in the more current workflow. Didn't take too much time and now I have a very complete workflow.

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