Transfer a property to a transaction?

Q: Is there a way to transfer a property to a transaction?

A: When your Property/Listing sells, you would change the Status from Active to Pending. When you do that, the system will ask you if you want to make that a Transaction. You answer Yes and it will then move much of the Property information into the newly created Transaction. You then work in that Transaction to take it to closing.

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    Ronald Farren

    I do not get the system ask to make it a transaction on a consistent basis IT DRIVING ME TO CONDSIDER DUMPING THIS PRODUCT.

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    Ronald Farren

    It would be nice just to have an option to make a property a transaction with a drop down selection.

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    LuAnn Kidd

    I changed my listing to pending and said yes to creating a transaction. However, when I go to transactions, it is NOT there. Why not. This is frustrating.

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    Joe Doolin

    I'm having the same issue as LuAnn. Am I doing something wrong?

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    Nora De La Torre

    How do I change the status of a transaction to sold and then close it ?

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    AB Team

    What I've noticed is that when you create a transaction this way, that the record owners do not transfer. This needs to be fixed ASAP.

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    Brian Holman

    I just tried this and was only asked "Would you like to add a Listing Expiration activity?". Nothing about making a Transaction. Guess I'll just have to do it manually :(

    UPDATE: Changing the status from "Pre-listing" to "Active" or "Pending" asked the question above.  Changing from "Active" to "Pending" asked me about making a Transaction and then about Listing Expiration.  Guess it worked.

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