Create a template to do a "just listed" post to facebook?

Q: How can I create a Realvolve template to do a "just listed" post to facebook with picture of my listing using merge fields from the property record?

A: Sadly, as of April 30th 2015 - Facebook and LinkedIn cut ties with all 3rd Party vendors - prior to that date you were able to setup a template in Realvolve and send it to the facebook address as a post or message. We were hoping that Facebook and LinkedIn would change their policy but as of now they require you to do that process from within their interface.

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    Kelly Sams

    Why does Facebook allow you to post through Brivity & Circlepix then?

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    Gary Hall

    Are you posting from Facebook to Brivity or from Brivity to Facebook?

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    Kelly Sams

    From Brivity to Facebook

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