"Potential" on the dashboard pipeline widget?

Q: What is "potential" is on the dashboard pipeline widget?

A: The Volume/Commission Pipeline is comprised of:
Potential (Active + Pre-Listing Properties)
Pending - Actual Status = Pending Transactions
Closed - Actual Status = Closed Transactions

A:  Potential Volume on the dashboard shows all "Properties" that have a status of "Active" or "Pre-Listing" - These are the properties which you at least have an listing contract on and could turn into deals once a buyer is found. We DO NOT currently use the the status of "Potential" in the dashboard which was added recently because those are properties which you do not have a Listing Contract on yet and may not turn into one so we don't want to give false hope. Once you have a listing contract then at least it has the potential of getting you a commission.


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